How to Record Screen on Android

How to Record Screen on Android With Google Play Games

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Do you often see video walkthroughs of popular Android games that air on YouTube? Surely you often wonder, how to play and record Android games at the same time. Moreover, the player’s face appears which is usually placed in the corner of the gameplay.

If you’re curious about how, the Weblogue team will share ways to easily record Android games, as well as upload them on social media, such as YouTube, IG TV, and others.

How to Record the Screen on Your Android Phone

how to record screen on android without app

How to Record Screen on Android With Google Play Games that we will share is very easy, just use the Google Play Games application which is usually directly available on all Android smartphones today. Let’s see!

  • Make sure the Google Play Games application is installed on your smartphone. Don’t forget to check the latest updates on the Google Play Store.
  • Google Play Games usually immediately detect any games installed on the smartphone. This includes the games you love to play via Google Assistant, such as Pacman, Snake, and more.

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  • Here, we try to play the game Call of Duty Mobile. Hit the game on Google Play Games.
  • In the game information, there are many videos and information related to the game that will be played. Now, to start recording the screen, press the Record button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • You are allowed to record video in SD 480p or HD 720p quality. Select the video quality as needed, then press the Next button.
  • Next, hit the Launch button.
  • Automatically, three circles will appear in an overlay in the game, namely the front camera view, the record button, the button to turn off or activate the front camera, and the microphone button.
  • To start recording, you just have to press the Record button with the red icon. If you have, just press the Stop button, and a notification will appear that the video has been saved in the gallery.
  • When the notification is pressed, the option appears to view it on the smartphone video player or directly edit it through the YouTube application, and upload it immediately.
  • If you want to upload videos on other social media, enter the smartphone’s default gallery application, and press the Share button.

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Finished! It’s easy, right? From now on, you can play while recording Android games at the same time using Google Play Games. Good luck!

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