How to Record Screen on Android Without App

How to Record Screen on Android Without App

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How to Record Screen on Android Without App? Screen recording on Android you can do very easily even without the need to install any application. Now Android phones have embedded a built-in screen recorder that you can easily access via quick settings.

Android has a built-in screen recorder that makes it super easy to make videos of anything you need to record on your screen. If you don’t know how to use this handy feature, the following author will show you How to Record Screen on Android Without App it easily.

How to Record the Screen on Your Android Phone

how to record your screen on android

Easy Ways To Record Screen On Android Without Installing Apps

If you want to record a screen on your Android device, you need to use a third-party app. But since Android 10 came along, Google has embedded a built-in screen recorder that users can use very easy and fun. Google introduced a native screen recorder feature which can be a much better solution than you have to install lots of screen recorder apps.

  • First, we have to move the “Record Screen” icon to Quick Settings, if it doesn’t already appear in Quick Settings.
  • Swipe down twice from the top of your device screen and tap the pencil icon to edit your Quick Settings layout. On Samsung phones, tap the three-dot menu icon and select “Edit Button.”
  • The icon at the top is in the Quick Settings area (it’s reversed on Samsung phones). Find the “Record Screen” icon, tap and hold it, then drag the tile to the top area. Lift your finger to place the icon.
  • Tap the back arrow in the top left corner to finish it.

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Easy Way to Access Screen Recorder Via Quick Settings

  • First, open the screen you want to record, then pull down Quick Settings again. Tap the “Record Screen” icon.
  • Next, you can decide if you want to record it with audio as well. You can tap the down arrow to choose between media, microphone, or both and also show your touch on the screen.
  • Tap “Start” when you are ready and you will see a countdown appear.
  • When finished recording, swipe down from the top of the screen to show notifications and tap “Stop” on the screen recorder.
  • Well, now the recording will be saved to the “Movies” or “Screen Recordings” folder on your device.

This feature becomes a very useful feature to be able to do this without any third-party software. It’s great to see more operating systems get this as a native feature that all Android users can access.

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Hopefully, it can be useful for you.