How To Record Android Screen

How To Record Android Screen Without Root For Free

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How To Record Android Screen was only possible if your smartphone was rooted. Now, smartphone screen recording applications have emerged that are much more flexible, even without root, you can use them to record screens.

One that can do this is the Xrecorder application from InShot Inc. In this tutorial, we will try to use it.

How To Record Screen On Android Without Root

  • First, download the XRecorder application on the Play Store.
  • Once installed, run the application. The first time it runs, XRecorder will display a notification like this. Tap OK to close the layout.

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az screen recorder
  • Now to get started, tap on the Allow button and allow again in the popup window that appears on the screen.
how to screen record without background noise android
  • Only then can you open the main panel of the XRecorder application. The first time, tap the Settings button or the gear icon in the far-right row.
best screen recorder for android with internal audio
  • In the Settings panel or settings, you can make adjustments ranging from resolution, screen orientation, audio recorder, markers for doodles, and so on.
screen recorder with internal audio apk
  • If the adjustments have been made, now return to the home screen or to the app you want to record. Now, the position of the XRecorder recorder function is active, indicated by the record button on the right side of the smartphone.
  • If you tap or swipe, you’ll see these buttons. Tap the top red button to start screen recording.
how to record internal audio on android
  • Alternatively, you can also start recording by sliding the notification bar and tapping the Record button on the far left row.
how to record internal audio on android 2021
  • The countdown begins, a sign that you must prepare immediately because XRecorder will record the screen.

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how to record internal audio in android 10
  • While the app is recording, the advantage of XRecorder is that you can doodle using the Markers button on your left-hand bar screen. This feature can be turned off or on in the Settings menu earlier.
  • If that’s enough, to stop recording, tap the camera button again on the right bar and tap the button with the orange square icon.
  • Done, the screen recording video has been saved.
  • You can find the video file in the XRecorder application, then make advanced adjustments, such as editing, adding text, trimming, sharing, deleting, and so on.
  • One of the other advantages of XRecorder, you can directly do simple editing without having to install additional applications.

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