How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages Someone Sent You

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Who doesn’t know the WhatsApp application? The application which is now managed by Facebook is arguably the most popular messaging application on Android and iOS with the largest number of active users in the world.

With WhatsApp, users can send and receive messages with anyone from anywhere, just by saving other users’ phone numbers.

So, it’s no wonder that this application can be said to completely replace the role of SMS. It’s just that, there is one WhatsApp feature that allows users to delete messages that have been sent.

As a result, you as the recipient of the message will not be able to read the message that has been deleted. Instead, you will only see a chat bubble that says the message “This message was deleted”.

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

how to see deleted messages on whatsapp iphone

With Apps

It feels quite annoying if you find the message, especially when you haven’t read the original message before it was deleted by the sender. If you have this problem, you don’t need to worry.

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You see, there are several applications that can help you restore and read deleted WhatsApp messages. These applications can even be downloaded for free or free on the Playstore or App Store.

Wow, what are the applications? Come on, check the following list and see the reviews here so you can find the right application choice!


One of the applications that you can install and use to restore WhatsApp messages that have been deleted by the sender before you read is WAMR. In fact, WAMR can restore not only text messages, but also all types of deleted media messages, such as images, videos, voice notes, GIFs, stickers, and audio.

In addition, this application can now download other users’ WhatsApp statuses. The way WAMR works is basically similar to other similar applications, namely by making message backups based on the notification history of received messages.

This is because messages sent via WhatsApp are always encrypted, so WAMR will not be able to access them directly. So, as soon as WAMR detects a deleted message, this app will immediately show a notification.

The same way of working also applies when WAMR will return media messages that have been deleted by the sender.

WhatsRemoved +

Then there is the WhatsRemoved + application, which works by monitoring notifications and folders so that you can find deleted files, including messages sent to you via WhatsApp.

Development Colors, as the developer of the WhatsRemoved + application, claims that this application only focuses on detecting messages that have been deleted on WhatsApp, so that it is safe and does not harm your device as a user.

Oh yes, you can use the WhatsRemoved + application not only for WhatsApp but also for other messaging applications, you know. So, during the process of installing or installing the application, you just have to select the application and folder that you want to monitor as long as it doesn’t violate the terms of use of the application or folder.

How does WhatsRemoved + help you read deleted messages on WhatsApp? Similar to how WAMR works, WhatsRemoved + will display a notification as soon as a message is deleted.


Restory is also an application that can be used to re-read WhatsApp messages that have been deleted by the sender. This application will read the notification and notify you if a message has been deleted by the user via notification.

Apart from helping you read back deleted messages, Restory can also recover media messages in the form of images, videos, and sounds that the sender has deleted, and save them on your device. That way, you won’t completely lose the deleted messages!


You can also download and install the Restore application to restore messages that have been deleted by the sender on WhatsApp before you have time to open and read them.

The way these Restore works is almost similar to WhatsRemoved +, which is by analyzing all notifications and folders so that you can track files that were changed or deleted on WhatsApp. Moreover, Restore can also be used not only for WhatsApp but also for other chat applications.

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For WhatsApp, once Restore detects a message that was deleted by the sender, this application will send a notification that you can access to see what the deleted message contains, be it text messages, images, videos, sound recordings, GIFs, even stickers.


WhatsDeleted is another alternative to an application that you can use if you often find messages deleted by the sender, be it messages in private or group chats.

One of the advantages of WhatsDeleted is that deleted message notifications are sent quickly, so you can read and access the contents of the message yourself immediately. In addition, WhatsDeleted also supports all types of message files, from the text, images, videos, sound and voice notes, GIFs, to stickers.

This application also works by monitoring your device’s notifications, so that if a message is deleted, its contents will be stored by WhatsDeleted from the WhatsApp message notification. This is because the WhatsApp security system implements message encryption, so it cannot be truncated or read by third parties.

In addition, another advantage that WhatsDeleted offers is a preview that you can use to display images or play videos directly. In addition, there is also a Status Downloader feature that makes it easy for you to save and download other people’s WhatsApp Status with just one tap.


Another way to read deleted WhatsApp messages is to use the WA-Recovery application. So, you can see what messages the sender deleted before you had time to read them.

Not only that, but this application can also help you restore chats that you accidentally deleted so that all chats are lost.

The way it works is by checking the contents of your device’s memory to find messages that you accidentally deleted, then easily displayed again, even if you haven’t had time to back up chats before.


Just like other applications that have been discussed earlier in this article, WhatsDelete has the main function to restore messages deleted by the sender before you read them on WhatsApp.

Later, if the application detects a deleted message, you will get a notification to see the contents of the deleted message. In fact, this application can also be used if you want to read messages without having to change the status of the message to a blue tick on the user’s device, or without changing your Last Seen status.

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WhatsDelete also offers other advantages, namely to help you “clean” WhatsApp by deleting various files that you think are not important and can fill your memory if left unchecked. For example, files that are twins or similar, aka duplicate files.

Well, good luck!


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