How To Post On Instagram From Computer

How To Post On Instagram From Computer

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Do you know that there is a way to post IG via PC or laptop?. How To Post On Instagram From Computer without an application or using an application will be explained in this article.

We must also be familiar with Instagram. This social media is indeed very popular for now because you can share your photos and videos with all other Instagram users in the world.

The features provided on Instagram are also very numerous so that Instagram users feel at home for a long time playing Instagram. Various photo and video content are shared by all Instagram users, the good thing is that you can download them by saving Instagram videos.

And one of the most prominent advantages of Instagram is that you can add photos there. Photos are indeed a symbol of Instagram itself because this social media used to focus on sharing your moments in the form of photos.

If you usually upload Instagram photos using a smartphone, can you also upload Instagram photos via PC? The answer is of course you can. There are even several different ways that you should try to upload photos on Instagram.

This article about How To Post On Instagram From Computer is perfect if you use PC more often than smartphones. Or if you are forgetting not to bring your cellphone to upload photos to Instagram, you can use your laptop.

How To Post On Instagram From PC

Can I post on Instagram from my computer

Here are some ways to upload photos on IG via a PC computer or laptop without an application and using an application. You can try the one that you think is the easiest to do.

Google Chrome

The first Ways to Post Pictures on Instagram from Your Computer is to use the google chrome web browser application. This method is arguably quite easy because surely almost all PC users have Google Chrome as their browser.

Here’s How To Post On Instagram From PC or Mac:

  • Go to Instagram using the google chrome browser.
  • Login using your Instagram account.
  • Then press Ctrl + Shift + I on your keyboard.
  • Click the tablet & mobile icon.
  • Select the device you want, for example, the Galaxy S5.
  • Then refresh the page, or you can press Ctrl + R.
  • Now the Upload photo button appears on the Instagram page.
  • Please upload the photo or video you want.
  • Done.

You will see a + icon in the menu bar at the bottom, which means you can upload photos via PC by clicking the icon. So that’s How to Post on Instagram from Your Desktop (PC or Mac) via the Google Chrome PC browser.

Chrome extension

In a second way, you are still using the google chrome web browser. However, maybe this method is easier and shorter than the first method

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How to upload photos to Instagram from a PC with the chrome browser:

  • Visit the following extension page User-Agent Switcher.
  • Then click the Add to Chrome button then Add extension.
  • Once installed, click the extension icon then select the mobile device you want.
  • For example an iPhone 6 device, the Instagram page will automatically reload.
  • Then Instagram will display a + icon in the menu at the bottom.
  • Now you can upload Instagram photos or videos.
  • Done.

You can try other mobile device options for uploading photos on Instagram via PC using this method. But make sure you choose a mobile device such as an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone.

Mozilla Firefox

The third method is almost the same as the first method, but the difference is that the browser you use must be Mozilla Firefox.

Here’s how:

  • Visit the Instagram site using Mozilla Firefox.
  • Then log in using your Instagram account.
  • Press the Ctrl + Shift + I keys on the keyboard simultaneously.
  • Click the tablet & mobile icon at the bottom like this image.
  • Select a mobile device, for example, the Galaxy S9 / S9 +.
  • Then refresh the Instagram page or press Ctrl + R.
  • A + icon will appear at the bottom.
  • Click the icon to upload your Instagram.
  • Done.

Very easy, right? With just a few steps, you have successfully uploaded photos to IG via PC using the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Android Emulator

Android emulator is an application that can be used as an android on a PC. So you can use an Instagram application that is similar to an Android phone.

  • Go to the Bluestacks website then click the Download button.
  • When the download is complete, install it on your PC.
  • Run Bluestacks then install Instagram via Playstore.
  • After that, log in to Instagram as usual.
  • Done.

After you have logged in to your Instagram account via Bluestacks, you can use your Instagram account freely like normal on an Android phone.

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So many articles this time about How To Post On Instagram From Computer. Hopefully, this is useful and good luck uploading photos to IG on a PC using the tutorial above.


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