How To Password Protect a Folder

How To Password Protect a Folder on Windows 10

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Do you have a secret file that no one wants to know? If so, of course, the file cannot be stored anywhere. This method of How To Password Protect a Folder can be used so that anyone who accesses your laptop or PC does not have the opportunity to open it.

Sure, you can put a password on the operating system so that other people can’t enter the desktop, but sometimes that’s not enough. The reason is, it’s easy enough for expert hackers to break in. With a protected folder, at least this provides an additional layer of security that can make you feel more secure.

We will explain how you can make a folder locked and only you can find out the contents of the folder. Come see the steps below!

Why I password protect a folder?

Before we explain the steps, it helps us first explain why it is important enough to lock folders containing secret files.

So that the laptop can still be used by others

If, for example, you put files on your laptop without any additional protection, you must be anxious when you lend your laptop to a friend or relative.

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The reason is, anyone who uses a laptop can freely explore Windows Explorer and enter any existing folders, even if they use a different user account.

If they use a folder that has a password, they will not be able to enter the folder even though they already know the password to enter the desktop page on your laptop.

Safer Than the Cloud

We are not saying that cloud storage is not safe, because several platforms such as Google Drive and MEGA already have their own encryption systems that are proclaimed to be very secure in protecting personal data.

However, whatever is on the internet still has the possibility of being hacked by irresponsible hackers. One of the phenomena that is quite sticky in our memory is when various Hollywood artists have broken their hands so that their indecent photos are scattered on the internet. At least if the files remain stored on the laptop locally, it will reduce the chances of it happening to your files.

Practical and Fast Than the Cloud

There are times when backing up files on cloud storage feels a little difficult. This is because you are required to access the internet every time you want to add a new file. Not to mention if the saved file has a large size, it will definitely take a lot of time and quota to upload it.

By having confidential data on a laptop, at least the data will remain safe and the file transfer process will take place faster without consuming internet quota.

How To Password Protect a Folder

Now that you know the benefits of locked folders, it’s time to find out what steps to go through to create one.

Through Windows Explorer

How do I lock a folder on my computer

Do you know? Without having to install additional applications or access the internet, the Windows 10 operating system actually already has a feature by itself that can lock folders so that the files in them cannot be opened by other people. However, this built-in feature is not available for Windows 10 Home.

Using this method has its advantages. Because protected folders can still be seen through your user account without having to enter a password every time. Folders will only be locked if accessed through a different user account. Do the following steps to lock the folder via the built-in Windows feature.

  • Log into your Windows account.
  • Then, open Windows Explorer.
  • Right-click on the file or folder to be locked, then select Properties.
  • In the General tab, select the Advanced menu.
  • Add a checkmark on the Encrypt content to secure the data option.
  • Click OK.

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Now, this folder cannot be opened carelessly by other user accounts. The good thing is, you just need to cut and paste files into a folder to make them protected.

Compress to ZIP or RAR

Why can't I password protect a folder

How To Password Protect a Folder is no less easy, you know! Same way No. Previously, you didn’t need to use the internet, and only needed a compressor application like Winrar which of course many people have used.

By compressing a folder or file into a ZIP, you can set a password for the ZIP file. This is a suitable method if your laptop only provides one user account. And, anyone who opens the ZIP file must enter a password to be able to open the file in it.

But like it or not, you have to always enter the same password every time you access it. More complicated, but definitely safer.

  • Make a selection (select) on several files and folders that you want to lock.
  • Right-click on one of the selected files, then select the Add to archive menu.
  • Write the name of the archive file and specify the file format between ZIP or RAR, then select the Set password menu.
  • Enter the desired password, also do it in the other column as a form of verification. You can also choose to add a checkmark on the Encrypt file names option so that strangers will not know the file names contained in the archive file.
  • Click the OK button once, then click the OK button again to create the archive.

You can try to open the archive file. If you have successfully followed the steps above, the file will ask you to enter the password that was previously paired.

Using IsyLock

How can I password protect a folder in Windows 10 without software

Apart from the two methods above, there are many choices of third-party applications specifically intended for locking folders. Some of them have to go through the installation process, but what we’re going to cover now are apps that don’t need to be installed.

IsyLock, a folder lock program that works very simply but effectively. It can hide folders that will only be visible if you successfully enter the password. Follow these steps to use IsyLock.

  • Download the application via this link and save it in a special folder.
  • Double click on the ZIP file and extract it.
  • Open the IzyLock folder which was the extract, then double click on the EXE file in the folder.
  • Do the configuration password by entering the desired password twice, in the first and second columns. The interface will show two images. The picture on the left is a key image, its function is to change the password. The second image is an image of an open padlock, indicating the folder’s unlocked condition.
  • Then a folder called LockFolder will appear. Put all files and folders that you want to hide into that folder.

Now to lock it, reopen the IsyLock window that was at No. 4. Click on the padlock image on the right to lock it. Indication of whether the folder is locked is indicated by a locked padlock as well as a folder named LockFolder that has disappeared.

How To Password Protect a Folder from no files stored online. This means that if someone wants to hack into your confidential data, they can’t do it online.

Well, they can actually hack online by spreading ransomware on the internet. However, this is still easier to fix, the trick is not to download applications from untrusted sources in order to reduce the possibility of accidentally downloading ransomware.

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Stay alert of strangers, enter passwords with long, complex combinations so that people won’t guess them easily, and of course don’t carelessly tell passwords to people you don’t trust. Hope your files stay safe, yes!


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