How to Open Someone Whatsapp in Your Phone

How to Open Someone Whatsapp in Your Phone

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If you want to call the most popular application and almost installed on all cellphones, then the answer is WhatsApp. This application is an application that replaces the role of “Message”.

This application is also what makes many other chat applications less popular, even some chat applications are gone due to losing competitiveness with WhatsApp. Even though there are other chat services that survive, WhatsApp is still the most widely used. Especially now that people will ask for a “WhatsApp number” not a “phone number”. Though the same.

What makes WhatsApp even more popular is the feature that allows WhatsApp to be used on PC browsers. People call it as WhatsApp Web. This service can be accessed at Just scan with a QR code and you can chat in the browser.

The presence of the WhatsApp for Web service allows people to communicate while working. For this reason, not a few companies also coordinate a lot using WhatsApp because it might be more practical than having to use other chat services. This is what causes other applications to become less popular.

The presence of WhatsApp Web also helps business people. For example, online shop customer care that receives a lot of chat from their customers or potential customers. Of course, it is more practical and quick to reply using WhatsApp Web than chat on a cellphone. Can you imagine, there are a lot of incoming chats and you have to reply one by one?

How to Check Someone’s WhatsApp Messages

The presence of WhatsApp Web has indeed helped many people to communicate easily. But the presence of WhatsApp Web also opens up other opportunities that actually feel less ethical. This opportunity is How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages.

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You can do this method of course if you really suspect someone’s activity, for example, your partner. You want to know who frequently communicates with your partner, so you want to know How to Open Someone Whatsapp in Your Phone?

To do this, you can do the following things. Please follow the steps carefully.

  • Borrow your partner’s Phone
  • After that, please open WhatsApp Web on your computer’s browser. Can use Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and others.
  • You will see a QR code or QR code on the right, as in the image above.
  • Scan the QR code with WhatsApp.
  • You just have to select the three dots at the top then select WhatsApp Web.
  • Then select the option “scan code”
  • On iPhone, you have to select Settings, then select WhatsApp Web or Desktop.
  • Later, WhatsApp Web will display chat messages just like WhatsApp on cellphones.
  • After that, you give the cellphone to your partner. You can also spy on your partner’s chat.
  • But it must be remembered, this method is quite risky if your partner finds out. The reason is, when the WhatsApp application is connected to WhatsApp Web, there is a sign in the notification that WhatsApp is being accessed on WhatsApp.

How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages from Your Phone

If you are lazy to use a browser on a computer or because it is complicated and cannot be monitored if you are everywhere, then you can do it with a browser on your phone. You need to follow the steps below.

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  • Open a browser on your phone. An example is Google Chrome.
  • Access on Google Chrome.
  • Select the colon on the top right.
  • Select the “Desktop site” mode as shown in the following image.
  • Later, will change its appearance as if you were accessing WhatsApp Web on a PC browser.
  • Then scan the QR code using your partner’s WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Web on a mobile browser is also present and you can monitor it like WhatsApp Web on a PC.

This method is certainly more practical. Because you only need to monitor via smartphone. You can also monitor from anywhere without bothering to take out your laptop. Of course, this method is more practical and easier.

How to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp using Airdroid

You can also hack WhatsApp using an application called Airdroid. This application is a cellphone management application that allows your Desktop PC or laptop to connect with an Android phone.

This application is also useful for mirroring, searching for your lost cellphone with the Find Location feature, and many more features offered by this application. One of the most interesting is the appearance of cellphone notifications which can also appear on your computer.

So, to do this, you can follow the steps as follows.

  • Please open the Airdroid site in a browser on your PC.
  • Select “Download”, then you will see download options for Android and iOS and the desktop client.
  • You can download the application for Windows or macOS computers. Please select.
  • The most practical thing is to choose Airdroid Web because there is no need to download and install a cloud-based application alias.
  • For example, let’s use Airdroid Web whose access is
  • Please create an account first on Airdroid. You can also open an account with a Google account or a social media account.
  • After that, please log in to Airdroid on your PC.
  • Borrow your partner’s cell phone. Install the Airdroid application by downloading it on the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Once installed, please log in using the account you created earlier. Alias ​​You just need to log in using the same account.
  • Open the Security & Remote Features section.
  • Then activate the Notif Desktop feature.
  • Airdroid app will ask permission to excuse me. Please give permission to excuse me for this application.
  • Later, you will be able to see notifications that come to your partner’s cellphone. For example WhatsApp notifications.

This way, you can see who is sending chats to your partner via Airdroid on your PC. It’s just that this method only allows you to see incoming notifications, not see displays like WhatsApp Web. But this feature is quite good at monitoring the chats of anyone who enters your partner’s WhatsApp.

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Using Airdroid will also raise suspicion from your partner. Because he must know there is an Airdroid application and there are notifications from applications that he doesn’t even download at all.

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