How to Open Facebook Account Forgot Password

How to Open Facebook Account Forgot Password

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Do you have a Facebook account that you can’t open because you forgot your password? That means you have to listen to the review on How to Open Facebook Account Forgot Password below.

Forgetting your Facebook password usually happens because you rarely open your Facebook account, even though you can get lots of updated information from Facebook social media.

Understanding Facebook itself is a social networking service that is often used by various groups ranging from teenagers to adults to add other users as friends, exchange messages, create personal profiles, various status content, and so on.

There are several options for How to Open Facebook Account Forgot Password, starting from using a Google account, the phone number to the email.

Now for the complete steps, namely:

How to open Facebook forgot password account

how to recover facebook password without confirmation reset code

Open Facebook forgot password via Google Account

  • Open the site in the browser on your device
  • Then enter the email address registered on your Facebook
  • Then select the option Use my Google account
  • Login using the Google account and we will be asked to create a new password
  • Follow the next steps to complete the verification process
  • If the verification process has been completed, you can reopen your Facebook account by entering the password you just created
  • Done!

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Open Facebook forgot password via the phone number

  • Open the browser on your device to enter the site
  • Then enter your phone number registered on Facebook
  • Then click the search button, and a Facebook account that is registered with that phone number will appear
  • Click on the Try Another Method option and an option will appear to send a verification code via SMS service to that phone number
  • Click next and enter the six-digit verification code you received via SMS from Facebook
  • Click next
  • Then create a new password and click next
  • After you create a new password, a notification will appear that your old password has been changed to a new password.
  • Done!

Open Facebook forgot password via email

  • Go to Facebook and click on the Forgotten password? the one at the bottom
  • In the account search box, enter your email address
  • After that Facebook will look for an account that matches the email address, if you have found your Facebook account then you just click on the This is my account option, but if it is not found then you can go to the account recovery options page
  • On the account recovery options page, select Send code by email and click Continue
  • Then enter the security code that was sent to you via email and click Continue
  • Next, create a new Facebook password and click Continue
  • If the process of resetting your Facebook password has been completed, you can log back into your Facebook account by entering the new password

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Those are some options for how to open Facebook that you forgot your password but keep in mind that if you choose to use the way to open Facebook via a phone number, you must first make sure that the phone number registered to the Facebook account is still active. Good luck!

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