How to Make Your Own Custom GIFs for Instagram

How to Make Your Own Custom GIFs for Instagram

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GIFs are moving images that are quite interesting when added to the Instagram story. So, it’s a shame if you don’t know how to make your own custom GIFs for Instagram.

Given the IG story is a very popular feature on Instagram social media. So it’s a good idea to use the features provided in the IG story to the fullest.

In addition, making GIFs with your own images is often used to increase the popularity of a brand or personal IG account. You can make your own GIF so that it can be seen by your IG followers.

To make it actually quite easy. You can find out by reading further in this article.

How to Create Your Own Instagram Stories GIFs

The first step to making your own GIF image on the IG story is to create the image. This step can be done using services from online sites or with the help of applications on Android.

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The following below are several options for how to make it.


Giphy is a fairly popular GIF image sharing site. Apart from providing GIF images, giphy is also capable of making GIFs with their own images or photos. There you can also convert videos into GIFs.

Here’s how to make your own custom GIFs for Instagram with Giphy:

  • First, visit the Giphy website.
  • Then register yourself first.
  • After that, click on the Create button in the top menu.
  • Upload the image or video you want to turn into a GIF.
  • Then add captions, stickers, filters as needed.
  • Then add the tags then click the Upload to Giphy button.
  • If the GIF has been created successfully, press, and hold the image.
  • Then select the Download image option.

Now that you have succeeded in making your own GIF, to upload to the Instagram story, the method is below.

GIF Maker

how to create GIFs for Instagram stories

GIF Maker is an application that lets you convert a cut of a video or image into an animated GIF. This application is free and can be downloaded via google playstore.

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This application can make GIFs from files in PNG, JPEG, JPG, MP4, MPEG, FLV, 3GP, and many other formats. Its simple appearance makes it easier to use.

In addition, this application also provides several additional features to make GIFs that will be made even more interesting. The GIF Maker application has been downloaded more than 5 million times on the Playstore.

How to Upload GIFs on Instagram

After you have succeeded in making your own GIF using the method above, now are the steps for how to upload to the Instagram story. Follow the following guidelines below.

Here’s how to upload your own GIF on the IG story:

  • Install the Toolkit for Instagram – Gbox application.
  • If so, run the application.
  • Go to the Gbox Keyboard menu, then activate the Gbox Keyboard.
  • At the input method stage, select Gbox Keyboard.
  • Now, go to creating an Instagram story.
  • Press the center of the story to bring up the keyboard.
  • At the bottom of the keyboard, tap the photo icon.
  • Select the GIF image that you have.
  • Done.

Now the GIF has been successfully inserted into the IG story. You can also add other features such as stickers, filters, and more.

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Well, that’s how to make your own custom GIFs for Instagram with your image. Very easy, right? Hopefully useful and good luck!