How to Make Your iPhone Faster

How to Make Your iPhone Faster 2022

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How to Make Your iPhone Faster (all versions) in a simple way and take advantage of Screen Glitch from iOS 9. x. Please note that for this method to be successful you need to try several times until the animation function turns off and does not work.

These tips were discovered by 9to5Mac Author Jeff Benjamin. The trick is to completely turn off all animations on iOS 9. x devices, what he does “rodo” takes advantage of bugs or maybe it’s something like Hidden Settings.

In iOS 9. x itself, there is actually a way to turn off the default animation or default settings which actually slows down the speed of our iPhone devices. Now on iOS, there is a Reduce Motion feature to reduce excessive animations on iOS. But for others, it turns out that even then it is still not enough and the feeling of feeling sluggish and uncomfortable is still felt, especially on old iPhone2 devices.

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And for more details, you can watch the video uploaded by 9to5Mac made by Jeff Benjamin below. Well if this video from Jeff Benjamin is not enough. You can also see the video uploaded by EverythingApplePro which is more or less the same because it also refers to Jeff Benjamin’s technique.

How to Speed Up a Slow iPhone & Reduce Lag

how to speed up iphone 12

So please follow the guide below step by step so that the Disable Animation process on iPhone with iOS 9. x runs successfully and smoothly.

  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch
  • Then turn on AssistiveTouch
  • Return to the Home Screen, and set the AssistiveTouch in the lower right corner
  • And make a Spotlight call and when the keyboard comes out, AssistiveTouch will automatically go up
  • Then press anywhere to return to the Home Screen
  • Do that repeatedly until AssistiveTouch does not rise when the keyboard appears
  • Now, when it doesn’t go up, the Totally Disable All Animation Process has been successfully carried out.
  • The next step, if you don’t need AssistiveTouch, please just turn it off
  • And Congratulations now you will enjoy iPhone Performance (any version) as long as iOS 9. x feels faster and Sat-set; bat-betâ„¢

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Hopefully useful See you in the next iPhone Tips.