How to Make Money on Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram: 4 Ways to Start Today

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Many are still not aware how to make money on Instagram, even though if it is explored and optimized, the potential can be very large.

Well, in this discussion we will review 4 ways to make money on Instagram.

How to Make Money from Instagram: 4 Tips for 2022

does instagram pay you for followers

Paid Promote

This is the easiest way to make money from Instagram. Your job is only to post client products with certain captions to your Instagram account, then you will get paid for each published post.

The price varies depending on the size of the number of your followers. For accounts with 100K followers, the paid promote rate ranges from $ 10 to $ 1000. The account portfolio also affects the price of a single feed. For celebrity accounts that have blue ticks, for example, it can reach hundreds of thousands.

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Selling Digital Products

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The digital product business trend shows significant growth during the pandemic. You can also take advantage of this momentum by selling digital products, such as seminar tickets, online workshops, webinars, software or other digital products.

Usually later you will benefit from the price difference offered by the vendor or it could be in the form of a commission.

Selling Physical Products

In addition to selling digital products, you can also sell physical products that suit your niche. It is very important to research what product is the most appropriate for them, because later it will affect the purchase ratio.

Selling physical products yourself does not have to have the product first. As an alternative, you can join a reseller or dropship program.

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how to make money on instagram without selling anything

Finally, this business can be an alternative to earn money from IG. In simple terms, Affiliate is like a broker in the conventional business world. Your job is to offer the vendor’s product then you will earn a commission for every successfully completed purchase.


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