How to Make Instagram Profile Attractive

How to Make Instagram Profile Attractive

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A person who is popular with a large number of followers and likers is something that is easy but also difficult. To attract followers, of course, there are several things that must be done. One of them is showing an attractive and unique profile.

Having an attractive Instagram profile also requires some tips and tricks. So from that, this time Weblogue will provide an explanation for How to Make Instagram Profile Attractive. How about it? Is it difficult? Just find the tips in the following article.

10 Simple Tips that Will Instantly Improve your Instagram Feed

how to make instagram profile bio attractive

Profile Design As Good As Possible

The very first thing you have to do is design a profile with a cool theme. Make sure you have a special theme that is unique and describes you. For example, if you like to travel, then you can take the traveling theme into your profile.

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Make an Interesting Bio

After you determine an attractive profile theme to show your followers, now move on to the bio on Instagram. Don’t underestimate the bio listed on Instagram. If you write your bio carelessly, your followers may not be interested.

Make sure the bio you write on Instagram should describe who you are. Also, you have to create a bio that matches your Instagram theme. Make sure to write it briefly, concisely, but clearly.

Use interesting words but not too long. You can use a short quote or even a unique word of yours. Avoid using too many emotes. You can use emoticons, just don’t overdo it. That’s one way to make an attractive Instagram profile.

Add link

As it is known that Instagram can only include a link in the bio. So, you only get the opportunity to promote your blog, youtube channel, or other personal links by including it in your bio.

Don’t worry about including it. The reason is, followers will get to know who you are from the link you provide. This is also useful for promoting your other accounts. Usually, the link listed in the bio is a Youtube channel.

Create Cool Captions

It’s not just the bio on Instagram that must be considered. The reason is, the caption in every Instagram photo update must also be considered carefully. Make sure the caption made must match the photo as well as the theme of your Instagram profile.

No need to add too many words to the caption. It is enough to use short, concise, but interesting words.

Use Interesting Hashtags

If you have found the appropriate caption, then the next step is to choose a hashtag that is easy for followers to find. As is well known, hashtags are one of the things that can make your Instagram seen by many people.

Instagram users always use hashtags to find suitable images. Therefore, on Instagram photos, you must include a hashtag that is easy for other people to find. However, don’t add too many hashtags to the photo captions.

You only need to add the hashtag related to the photo as well as yourself. Excessive hashtags actually make followers lazy to see the photos you update. So, make sure you don’t spam the hashtags that will be used.

Cut back on Selfie Photos

Why reduce selfies on your Instagram? The reason is, too many selfies sometimes make the followers bored. Followers usually prefer landscape photos or photos that seem aesthetically pleasing as well as contemporary.

You can display your photos, but make sure your photos have an attractive background. For example, a background while on vacation to the beach or unique background. This has more aesthetic value.

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Update Photos with Matching Colors

how to make instagram post attractive

How to Make Instagram Profile Attractive and up-to-date, try uploading photos with matching colors. You don’t need to have the exact same color, just mix it with pleasing color. For example, you could combine dark brown with a light brown.

Or you can also mix several different colors. Different colors must also have aesthetics. For example, you can combine pastel pink, pastel green, and white. When you post photos with matching colors, your feed will be more attractive to your followers.

Choose a Photo to Upload

Choosing a photo to upload is one way to make an attractive Instagram profile. The reason is, photos that don’t match the Instagram profile theme will make the feeds messy. For example, you take an Instagram theme with a bright color.

But suddenly you upload a photo with a dark color. This will make Instagram feeds unsightly. Because you upload a photo with a theme that is too contrasting. So from that, choosing photos to update should really be considered.

Use the Same Photo Filter

Why use photo filters? This will keep your feed looking attractive and have the same color. Sometimes you have photos with different light levels. The different light levels will make your feeds messy even if the photos you upload are aesthetic photos.

Therefore, filter assistance is needed as a way to make an attractive Instagram profile. By using filters, you can display images that are different but with colors that look similar. This will also make feeds on Instagram more attractive to followers. So, make sure you choose one filter for each photo that will be updated on Instagram.

Love What Is Done

This can also be a Tips For Creating the Best Instagram Profile Possible. The reason is, if you like what you do, the results will be maximized. Beautifying Instagram feeds can indeed increase followers.

However, you are also not just looking for popularity. Try to do it with pleasure and in accordance with your hobby. If you do it as a hobby, this can be a plus in the eyes of your followers.

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