How To Make a Video Using Powerpoint

How To Make a Video Using Powerpoint

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PPT is a file format from the Microsoft PowerPoint application which is quite popular to use for presentations. But did you know that you can make learning videos with PowerPoint? The good thing is, How To Make a Video Using Powerpoint is also fairly easy.

As we know, PowerPoint is able to make various attractive slides for presentations. Typically, a PowerPoint presentation contains slides that are rendered with text, video, audio, images, and other media.

In each slide shift, you must press the command on the keyboard first. However, if you convert the PPT to video, the slides can move automatically without pressing the keyboard.

Creating videos from PPT is often used as learning media, interactive videos, presentations, and many others. Here are some ways to make a PPT file into a video.

How to Make a Video from PowerPoint

how to make a video presentation with powerpoint

Making learning videos with PowerPoint is actually a very easy job. The reason is, the PowerPoint application already provides these features so you don’t need additional applications.

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How To Make a Video Using Powerpoint:

  • Run PowerPoint then make a presentation slide.
  • Or open the PPT file if you already have one.
  • Then click File at the top menu.
  • Select the Export option then Create a Video.
  • Specify 4k, 1080p, 720p, or 480p video quality.
  • Set the duration for the transition or moving slides.
  • Click Create Video and then specify a storage location.
  • Now, wait for the process to complete.

You can also add a narrative voice by recording it first. The process required to create a PPT video depends on the size of the PPT, the media on the slide, and the quality of the video you choose.

Convert PPT to MP4 Video

If you want to convert PPT to video without using the PowerPoint application on your cellphone or PC, then you can try the ppt to mp4 convert service.

This service is generally in a website format so you only need a web browser application and an internet connection. Therefore, you can try it using a Mobile device or PC.

Online Video Convert

Online-Convert is a service that can provide assistance to you in converting PPT files from Microsoft PowerPoint to MP4 videos. This service also provides quite a number of video quality options.

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How to convert PPT to the video:

  • Open your flagship web browser application.
  • Then visit the site here.
  • After that upload the PPT file to the site.
  • Then specify the video quality in the Choose a Preset option.
  • Or choose no preset if you want to set it yourself.
  • After setting the video quality, click the Start conversion button.
  • Wait for the process to complete.

Then the MP4 video file starts downloading automatically.
The length of time it takes to convert a PPT to MP4 video depends on the size of the PPT file and the type of video quality you specify.

Powerpoint to Video

This next PPT to video convert service is a fast and simple way. The reason is that you only need to upload a PPT file and then set the transition time for the slide transition.

Convert PowerPoint to the video:

  • Go to the following website here.
  • Click the Select PPT File button then select the PPT you want to convert into a video.
  • Then select the duration for the transition to move each slide.
  • The final step is to click the Convert to Video button.
  • Wait for the conversion process to complete.
  • After that click Download Video File.
  • Done.

Very easy, right? This service supports ppt, pptx, PPS, and ppsx format files to convert into mp4 video files. You can use this service to convert any number of ppt presentation files into videos and without limits.

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So many articles on How To Make a Video Using Powerpoint and convert PPT to MP4 videos using online services. With several options, you can use it according to the needs you want.

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