How to Install New Fonts in Windows 11

How to Install New Fonts in Windows 11

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How to Install New Fonts in Windows 11? Adding new fonts of course we often do. Especially if we are a designer who often plays with Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. Fonts are the lifeblood of a designer. Similarly, if you work in banner and poster printing, it will certainly help your business. Because fonts can beautify the results of the designs you are working on.

Windows default fonts sometimes can not satisfy us when designing, therefore we have to install or add new fonts. If you already have a collection of fonts, you can add them right away. But if not you can search and download the fonts you want. There are several websites that provide fonts to use for free, including Google Fonts, Da Fonts, FontSpace, FontFabric, and many online sites that provide free fonts.

Actually, Windows 11 already has a good collection of fonts. But because we don’t know the names of these fonts, we never use them. Therefore, try looking at the Windows 11 Font collection, you can see examples of designs directly and remember the name of the font to be applied when you create designs in Photoshop, Corel, or when writing in other applications.

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To be able to add new fonts to your Windows 11 library, make sure the font file extension is OTF or TTF. However, there are 2 (two) ways to add new fonts to Windows 11. Because errors in adding or installing fonts will cause the fonts to not appear in the font selection in applications when you want to use them.

How to add new fonts in Windows 11

First step

  • Open the font file that you already have, or you can download it first from the sites we mentioned above.
  • After downloading, please extract it using Winrar or 7zip.
  • In the next step right-click the file with the extension .TTF or .OTF then selects Install.

This method is done one by one for each font you want to add. It will take you a little longer if you have a large collection of Fonts that you want to add or install of them. To make it easier, you can do the second method if you want to add a lot of fonts to the Windows 11 library.

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How to add multiple fonts to Windows 11

  • The first step is to make sure you have extracted all the fonts into one folder and make sure only files with the .TTF and .OTF extensions are contained in that folder. This is to avoid errors so that some fonts cannot be added.
  • Click the Start button.
download fonts for windows 11
  • Click the Settings / Settings menu.
windows 11 new fonts
  • Then click the Personalization menu.
how to change font in windows 11
  • The next step is to click on the Font menu in the right pane.
  • Please note that the screen will display the font window in Windows 11.
installing fonts windows 10
  • Open the folder where you saved all the font collections.
  • You select all by clicking CTRL + A, then click, DRAG and DROP in the box provided, as shown below.
best fonts for windows 11
  • Wait for the process to complete.

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That’s an easy way to install fonts one by one or add all of your font collections to the Windows 11 Font Library. Hopefully, this is useful!


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