How to Install Gcam on Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro

How to Install Gcam on Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro

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Black Shark 2 Pro is one of the 2019 edition of the gaming smartphone. This smartphone is equipped with high-end hardware starting from the Snapdragon 855+ processor, GPU Adreno 640, RAM up to 12 GB and internal memory that reaches 256 GB.

In addition to coming with high-quality specifications, Black Shark 2 Pro also has two camera modules, each with a resolution of 48 MP f / 1.8 and 12 MP f / 2.2. The camera application that is present on this smartphone also has various features, ranging from auto, HDR, portrait, 48 MP, Night to pro mode.

Black Shark also makes it easy for users to install camera applications from third parties, for example, Google Camera. This camera application made by Google, commonly known as Gcam, is claimed to be able to improve image capture results. Moreover, Gcam has excellent features such as HDR +, HDR + Enhanced, Portrait Mode to Night Sight.

How to Install GCam on Black Shark 2 Pro

gcam for xiaomi black shark 2

To install Gcam on Black Shark 2 Pro is actually almost the same as most smartphones. The first thing to do is to confirm whether the smartphone supports Gcam or not.

If supported, the next step is to find a suitable Gcam application. Visit the site and select the application you want to download. Almost all of these Gcam applications can be installed directly on Black Shark 2 Pro.

However, if you are still confused about choosing, you can try the application made by the Arnova8G2 developer. Select the Final version with Bold writing to minimize bugs. Then install Gcam on Black Shark 2 Pro. For the Gcam settings, you can use the example below.

gcam apk

That’s how to install Gcam on Black Shark 2 Pro. So far, almost all the features on the Gcam can be used immediately, especially for Portrait, HDR + Enhanced, and Night Sight. If you are still not satisfied, you can immediately install Gcam from other developers.

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