How to Insert Landscape Page in Portrait Document Word

How to Insert Landscape Page in Portrait Document Word

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Generally, when we use the Microsoft Word application, the page will automatically open in a portrait. But How to Insert Landscape Page in Portrait Document Word? Can it? The answer is of course you can.

Microsoft Word gives you the freedom to set the page layout that you will use. Do you want to use a portrait? Or landscape? Or do you want to use a page layout or portrait and landscape pages simultaneously in one word document?

For example, when you get an assignment to create a sales transaction table for a company and its explanation. Because creating a transaction table requires a lot of space, you can use a portrait page layout. As for the explanation, you can use the landscape page layout

Creating a document for this example can use the portrait and landscape page layout types simultaneously in one document. You can combine into one file without needing to separate them.

How to Create a Landscape Page in a Portrait-Oriented Word

How to Make One Page Landscape in Word you can try via Microsoft Word in versions 2007, 2010, 2013, the latest versions, and other versions that are old.

Although each version of Microsoft Word gives a slightly different look. However, making portrait and landscape pages in one document will not be much different.

Here’s a tutorial for creating landscape and portrait page layouts in one Microsoft Word file below:

  • Open the Microsoft Word application on your computer or laptop.
  • Word will automatically create a page with a portrait layout.
  • Create a new page by clicking the Layout menu> Breaks> Next Page.
portrait and landscape in same word document mac
  • The new page will be created in a portrait layout.
  • To change it to landscape, click the Layout menu> Orientation> Landscape.
how do i insert a landscape page into a portrait document

Well, you have succeeded in creating a page with portrait and landscape page layout formats in one document. To create a large number of pages, you can repeat the guidelines described above.

You can also do the reverse to change the appearance of the landscape page layout to portrait in the same way. Very easy right?

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That’s How to Insert Landscape Page in Portrait Document Word. Hopefully, this article can be useful for you and good luck!


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