How to Insert Frame and Borders in Microsoft Word

How to Insert Frame and Borders in Microsoft Word

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In this article, we will give an explanation of How to Insert Frame and Borders in Microsoft Word. As it is known that Ms. Word isn’t just for typing now.

By using Ms. Word, you can do a lot more than type. For example, creating a Watermark can even enhance the appearance of text with a frame. In addition, the following methods can be applied to create an invitation frame.

Curious and want to try how to make a frame easily and quickly? Immediately, you can see the following reviews in this article to make decorative frames on Ms. Word.

How to Insert Frame and Borders in Microsoft Word

Frame Definition and Meaning

Frames in Word are of course different from frames in photos, yes. The frame referred to in Ms. Word is to make lines on the right, left, and up and downsides of the text that has been written.

There are also various uses for it, some use borders to enhance the appearance of the text, and some also use frames for invitation cards. Yes, because of its function to enhance the appearance of text in Word, Word provides a variety of unique and interesting borders.

You can choose some of these unique borders in Word according to your individual tastes, needs, and desires. Some are in the form of a dashed and jagged line, and this is what is called Style Borders.

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Also, you can make frames with pictures that are funny and colorful. For example, you can make frames with hearts, firs, candies, stars, and other images. Now, to make this frame you can use the Arts Borders feature.

How to Make Style Borders

As explained earlier that there are two types to create frames in Word and one of them is Style Borders. This is the simplest and simplest type. With this one type, you can make a frame with dotted lines, serrations, black and white, and others.

Here We will demonstrate how to create a frame using Ms. Office Word 2016 and here’s how to make style borders:

  • Open the Word document to which you want to attach a frame.
  • After that, please select Design and just click Page Borders.

word frame templates

  • Then the display of borders or frame options will automatically appear. To create a style of borders, you can immediately select the various types of borders that you want.
  • Now, after you have determined the type of borders style you want, just click

how to insert frame in word mac

  • And, the frame will automatically be attached to the Word text that you select. Very easy and simple, right?

how do i insert a frame in word 2013

How to Make Arts Borders

Tired of frame shapes that are just dotted lines or regular lines? If you are bored, then you can use and create arts borders. As previously explained, art borders are more interesting and more unique.

Yes, the types of arts borders are more interesting to see with pictures such as pine trees, hearts, fruits, and many others. So, this type of frame will certainly enhance the appearance of a text in word. Well, this type of frame can also be used as an invitation frame. Let’s follow these steps for how to create an arts borders frame:

  • Open the Word text that you want to add the arts borders.
  • Then, you can immediately select Design and then you can immediately click Page Borders.

how to add frame in word 2013

  • After that, several frame options will be displayed. So, before you chose the border’s style, this time you can choose Arts Borders. Here you can directly select and click on the type of arts borders you want.
  • If you have determined the type of arts borders, you can immediately click on it

how to insert text frame in word

  • By default, the frame you choose will be attached to your Word text. The display frame is cute, right?

Microsoft word 2010 frames

How to Edit Frames

In Word, you don’t just create a frame. With the presence of page borders, you can also edit the frames that you have created. The point is, you can adjust the thickness level, the layout of the frame, you can even edit the frame into a 3D effect.

You can use all of these features on Page Borders. Uniquely, you can also change the color of the frame according to your needs and desires. Curious to try editing a frame? Immediately, consider the following steps:

  • The initial step is still the same, you can open the Word text that you want to be framed. Then you can select Design and then you click Page Borders.
  • After that, you can choose the type of frame you want. Here we will choose the borders style type with the usual line type.
  • To change the frame color, you can click Color and you can immediately select the desired color.

  • Well, for those of you who want to thicken the frame, you can immediately click Width and choose the thickness according to your individual needs and tastes.

  • Still not satisfied with just editing the color and thickness? Then you can add a 3D effect to your frame by clicking 3D on the left side.

  • Please note that Word also provides other effects besides 3D, for example, you can choose a shadow, box, 3D, or for custom effects, here you can specify a frame only on the left, right, top, or bottom side by clicking the existing symbol in the preview section.

  • After you feel that all the edits are enough, then you can immediately click OK to apply the frame to the Word text.

  • And this is the result of the frame editing. How, easy right?

How to Apply Frames on Specific Pages

If you only want to apply a frame to a certain page, then you can directly edit it in Apply to Page Borders. You can choose to apply the frame to the entire page or only to the first page. Well, you can follow these steps to apply a frame to a specific page:

  • Open the Word text where you want the frame attached.
  • Select Design then select Page Borders.
  • Then pay attention to the Apply to section, there are several options, namely Whole Document (applies to the entire page), This Section (only on the current page), This Section – First Page Only (only on the first page), and This Section – All except First Page (all pages except page 1)

  • Select and click on one of them according to your needs, then immediately click Automatically will be applied immediately according to the settings you made.

How to Delete a Frame

In addition to how to create a frame in Word, you can also delete a frame that has already been created. To delete it is certainly easier than how to make a frame in Word. So, to remove it, let’s look at these steps:

  • Open the Word text that has the frame attached.
  • Then you can immediately select Design and then click Page borders.
  • After that, click the None option on the left, then click

  • The frame will automatically be removed from your Word text.

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Such is the tutorial on How to Insert Frame and Borders in Microsoft Word easy, simple, and practical. You can immediately practice it on your PC / laptop. How, very easy right?


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