How to Insert a Signature on a PDF File

How to Insert a Signature on a PDF File

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How to Insert a Signature on a PDF File – In this digital era, doing something doesn’t need to be in a formal place, you can even work from anywhere. For example, if you have to sign a document, now you don’t need to come to the office, just an employee just sends the document and you can sign it directly without having to print it first.

So what if the document is in PDF format? the answer is yes. You can use a pdf reader application such as Adobe Reader or Foxit reader. Well, we will describe in detail here how to do it.

How to Sign PDF on Mobile and PC

How do I Sign PDF files?

How to Sign PDF on Android

  • Please download the Adobe Reader application from Google PlayStore
  • then open the app
  • Click the files menu at the bottom then find the PDF file and open it
  • To add a signature click the pen icon at the bottom right
  • Select Fill & Sign and wait until everything is downloaded 100%
  • Select the pen icon at the bottom left
  • Select Create Signature, then a screen will appear to create a signature.
  • When you have finished creating a signature, click Done
  • Next tab on the PDF area and set the location of your signature

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If you have trouble and make a signature you can make a signature on paper and then click on the camera icon. Or you can save your signature file in image format then you can insert it by selecting the picture icon

How To Sign PDF On PC

To sign PDF documents via a PC is not much different from using a mobile phone. How to see the following guide:

  • Please download the Adobe Reader For PC application
  • Then open the PDF file with this application / Or you can go through File>Open and select the file
  • Then click the Fill & Sign icon in the Tool Pane on the right. If you don’t see the Tool Pane
  • can be activated by clicking SHIFT + F4
  • Then click Sign and then select Add Signature.
  • A pop-up appears, please select the type: Type, Draw and Image then click Apply

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That’s the guide that we provide, of course knowing How to Insert a Signature on a PDF File will make it more efficient in managing various documents. There are many advantages if the document is made in PDF form, one of which is lighter.

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