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How To Increase Twitter Followers 2022

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When the use of social media like Twitter is getting more and more crowded, many are using it to run their business. It’s no wonder that in the end, many Twitter users are trying to find ways to increase Twitter followers so that their accounts can be used for business.

However, of course, you also have to prepare yourself to be a person who is quite active on social media. The reason is, if not, of course, people will think again if they want to start becoming your follower.

7 Ways to Gain More Twitter Followers

Maybe you are currently starting to think about how to actually increase Twitter followers, so that the number can be very large, up to tens of thousands. Of course, to run all these methods you have to be patient and patient.

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The following below is how to increase Twitter followers without an application:

Make use of hashtags or hashtags

The first way you can do this is actually the most common way to increase the number of Twitter followers to a large number. The trick is to use hashtags or hashtags that often appear on Twitter.

Basically, hashtags or hashtags on Twitter are trending objects by Twitter itself. If one of the hashtags is very busy being used, the hashtag will be trending and can be seen by all users.

So, the way to take advantage of hashtags is to use every hashtag that is trending on every tweet that you are making. That way, when other users open the trending hashtag, the tweet of your post can be seen by others.

Examples of hashtags that you can use regularly are like #follow # follow4follow #followme #ifollowback.

The purpose of using this hashtag is to lure other people to follow you, but on the other hand, you also have to follow them back in return.

Don’t forget to also set your Twitter account to be unlocked, so that every post made can be seen by other people when there is a trending hashtag. The reason is, if you lock your account, then any new posts will not be able to appear in trending.

Shares Trending News

One of the reasons Twitter users follow some well-known accounts is that they usually provide entertaining and useful posts.

Therefore, the next way you can do is make posts that are quite useful for followers.

One example is by sharing news, which at that time was very hot and was often discussed by many people. Indirectly other users will read the news and if it is useful they will start to follow it.

You can share posts in the form of news or just text, and you can also embed a link from the news you want to share. Don’t forget to also post regularly and keep your followers comfortable following you.

Lastly, also make sure that in those hot news posts, you provide some trending hashtags or other helper hashtags. So, users can read your Twitter posts by clicking on the trending hashtag.

Unique Tweet Post

If you observe, a person who is famous in the world of social media Twitter has an interesting and unique way and style of Twitter posts. They usually focus on making jokes or focus on making melancholy posts.

Well, that’s why you can also start creating a good and interesting Twitter post concept that can attract the attention of many people.

This can be a very effective way of adding Twitter followers if you can practice it consistently and of course be creative. If it’s a business account, you can slip in some jokes.

So, other people who become followers will also be entertained and feel good about following your business account.

Provide Images In Tweets

how to get twitter followers instantly free

Providing or inserting images into tweets is one of the tips for increasing the number of Twitter followers for free, safe, and real

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The reason is, a number of studies prove that tweets that have images in them, receive more activity and engagement from other users.

This includes activities like a retweet, and follow Twitter accounts depending on the context of the tweet. So, the conclusion is to provide an image in the tweet so that it can attract other users.

Engaging Video Tweets

Apart from pictures, videos are media that can be sent via a tweet on Twitter. You can use it to attract other Twitter users to get engagement.

Most social media users will be very interested in following an account when they see a video post that they think is unique and interesting.

So if you want to add Twitter followers for free, then try to post a funny or viral video so that other Twitter users are interested in following you.

Promote Account

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Maybe the next way to increase Twitter followers makes you try even more, like spending some money. The reason is, the next way is to do it by promoting your account through other users who are already famous on Twitter.

Especially if you really focus on building a Twitter account for business, then this method is very common. By working with several well-known people on Twitter, it can help introduce your business account.

However, if your account is not focused on business, you can promote it by including a Twitter account link on several other social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, and others.

So, your friends can also become followers when they know that you are an active Twitter user.

Create an Interesting Twitter Bio

Another way that you can combine with the methods above is to create an interesting and unique Twitter account bio. That way, your Twitter account will be rated more when other users are visiting it.

This is because Twitter users when opening other people’s accounts will read carefully the username and bio. If you have a bio that’s interesting enough and wowed him, then you’ll usually be followed.

If the account you want to increase the number of followers with is a private account, then describe yourself and all in an interesting and complete manner.

If the account is used for business, use words that invite and attract Twitter users to follow it.

To be able to increase the number of followers of a Twitter account does require even harder efforts. However, if you do some of the methods above consistently, creatively, and patiently, all those efforts will be rewarded when the number of followers is very large.

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Those are some tips for How To Increase Twitter Followers that you can apply to your account. Hopefully, this article is useful and can add to your insight.