How To Hide Online How to Hide Typing Status On WhatsApp

How To Hide Online How to Hide Typing Status On WhatsApp

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How To Hide Online How to Hide Typing Status On WhatsApp is one of the tips that many users are looking for. Why? This method is one way to hide your activities when you are opening WhatsApp without other people knowing.

Usually, on Default Settings, WhatsApp notifies other users that you are “Online” or “Typing” when someone opens your conversation, and you are also opening WhatsApp. This method sometimes makes some people want to hide it because they don’t want other people to continuously track your activities on WhatsApp.

Because at this time, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular instant messaging applications and has a lot of fans. Good for business people or ordinary people. WhatsApp with the addition of its new features makes users happier and even becomes the application you open most often on their cell phone.

How to Hide Your Online Status and Protect Your Privacy in WhatsApp

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Using the WhatsApp App

Actually, you can use the WhatsApp application that you get from the Google Play Store. Because in terms of data security, of course, applications that you download from the Google Play Store will be more guaranteed data security and privacy. If you don’t want to install the WhatsApp MOD application, here are the steps on how to remove the Online status or while typing.

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Enable Airplane Mode

You can take advantage of Airplane Mode when Will opens WhatsApp and read the messages that come into your phone.

Go to the Settings menu

Then turn off data connectivity or simply press airplane mode on your phone’s Quick Settings. You can access it by dragging it from the top down on the home screen, then selecting the Airplane logo. This of course you have to do before opening the WhatsApp application.
After airplane mode is active, open the WhatsApp application and read the incoming chat. You can also type a reply message and tap send.

You need to remember that as long as the phone is in airplane mode, your WhatsApp will not show online status even if it is opening a message and typing a reply to your conversation.

Your reply message will be sent after the airplane mode is turned off and the data connection is back on.

Reply to WhatsApp Messages from Notification Panel

You can directly reply to WhatsApp messages from the notification panel on your phone. Replying to messages in this way will not appear online even the typing captions.

Using WhatsApp MOD

This method you can do if you are interested in installing applications other than the Google Play Store. You can download the WhatsApp MOD APK first, then install it on your phone. You need to know that installing WhatsApp MOD must first delete the WhatsApp application that you previously downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Download APK WhatsApp MOD Aero

How to Install WhatsApp MOD Aero

  • First, please download the APK via the link above
  • Then Install, if your installation is blocked, then please first go to Settings, then look for the Security section. Then check or scroll to the Allow from unknown sources section.
  • Next, please open the APK that you downloaded earlier, then click install, wait until the installation process is complete.
  • After the installation is complete, open the WhatsApp MOD application in the application list. Then register properly using a mobile number.

To remove Online Status and Typing, please open the WhatsApp MOD application, then go to Settings => Privacy. Please uncheck Hide Online Status.

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Hopefully, it can be useful for you.

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