How to Hide Apps on Android

How to Hide Apps on Android Without Disabling

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How to Hide Apps on Android? You can hide apps on your phone that are private in nature, as well as banking apps and other important apps that are private in nature. Because this is related to important data that no one should open.

You need to know that most Android phones have one thing in common when it comes to hiding apps. It’s just that some of the ways to do it have a slight difference. Applications that you hide will not appear in the application list, because these applications will be in one place which at the time of access requires a PIN to enter the list of hidden applications.

In addition, you can use this app hide feature for apps that you don’t use but can’t delete. This usually happens with system default applications that have been locked so they don’t disappear from the application list. You can take advantage of this feature so that there are not too many applications in the application list, and which applications you are not using you can hide.

Well, in this article, I will show you how you can hide apps on Android on both Samsung, Vivo, OPPO, Realme, and Xiaomi phones.

How to Hide Apps on Your Android Phone

how to hide apps in my phone

How to Hide Apps on Samsung Phones

Hiding apps on Samsung phones is very easy. OneUI usually gives you direct options to easily hide apps without downloading any third-party apps.

  • Open the list of apps on your Samsung phone and click on the three dots in the top right corner.
  • From there you will see the Home Screen Settings option. Tap on the top.
  • Now, look for the ‘Hide app’ option from the list.
  • Select the app you want to hide from the list and simply tap on the ‘Apply’ button. The app will disappear from your main apps list.

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How to Hide Apps on Vivo Phones

Vivo comes with FunTouch OS also complete with built-in features that allow you to easily hide apps. However, the feature only applies to Vivo phones running FunTouch OS 9.0 and above.

  • Go to Settings Menu on your Vivo phone and go to the Face and Password section.
  • Click Privacy settings and app encryption.
  • You will find Hide Apps. Tap to activate it.
  • Now, select the app which you want to hide from your smartphone.
  • Once done, click Apply and your app will disappear from your apps list.

How to Hide Apps on Realme Phones

Realme has introduced a new App Lock feature with its Realme UI, which helps you hide apps so easily. The company has revealed that the feature is available for all Realme phones. The App Lock feature not only sets passcodes for apps but also hides them for you.

  • Go to Settings and go to the Security section.
  • Look for App Lock. You will be asked to create a passcode for App Lock.
  • Once done, you can go to Security and then to App Encryption.
  • Enter the passcode and select the apps you want to hide. Then Enable Enable Hide Home Screen Icons.
  • You then need to set the Access Number for the app it should be and end with ‘#’. When finished, there will be a message “Hide Home Screen Icons, Don’t Display in Recent Tasks & Don’t Display Notifications.” All activated.

With this, the app will be hidden from your phone. However, you can still access them by simply opening the keypad and entering the access number. To disable this feature simply select “Settings => Security => Encrypt apps => Enter Privacy Password => select the apps you are hiding => disable Hide Home Screen Icons.

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How to Hide Apps on Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi also provides an option to hide apps on its MIUI operating system. The hidden app feature is available on all Redmi, Xiaomi, and POCO phones. You can follow these steps to hide apps on your Xiaomi phone:

  • Go to Settings and open Apps.
  • In In-App Settings you will find the App Lock feature. Tap on it. It will ask to set up the service first and you need to set a passcode for that too.
  • Once the process is complete, you will have two sections: App Lock and Hidden Apps. Click on Hidden Apps and you will find a list of apps installed on your Redmi phone.
  • Next, find the app you want to hide and simply toggle the switch on. With this, your app will be hidden.

You can also restrict certain apps from fully running on your phone, as is the case when you’re on a break. Hopefully, it can be useful for you.

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