How to Hide a TikTok Video

How to Hide a TikTok Video From Someone

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How to Hide a TikTok Video From Someone is easy to do. Follow the TikTok tutorial that the team has compiled, on how to easily hide TikTok videos.

Hiding TikTok videos can be an alternative for those of you who don’t want to delete videos that have been made. In general, after we make a video on TikTok, the video will be published and can be seen by other users.

However, not a few users feel that the videos they make are still lacking. You can hide it beforehand for consideration. So the TikTok video doesn’t appear on your profile and only you can see the video.

To be able to hide TikTok videos, then you need to change the settings of who can watch them.

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Here’s How to Hide a TikTok Video From Someone that we’ve compiled for you in the form of a TikTok tutorial.

TikTok: How to Hide Videos From a User

How do I private my videos on TikTok?
  • Open the TikTok app and make sure you are logged in first.
  • Next, go to the profile section by pressing the profile icon at the bottom right.
  • After entering the TikTok profile section, then you can choose which video you want to hide or private, and choose one of your videos.
  • Then, on the video, please press the three-dot icon located at the bottom right under the comment icon.
  • Next, in the menu row, save videos, embed, etc., please swipe or swipe to the left until you find the privacy settings menu.
  • Select the privacy settings menu.
  • Then, select the menu for who can watch.
  • On the menu of who can watch it, there will be 3 choices, namely:
  • Everyone: your TikTok video can be seen by everyone
  • Friends: your TikTok videos can only be seen by friends or those who already follow each other
  • Only me: only you can see the TikTok video
  • To hide TikTok videos, you can select “Only Me”.
  • After making the video private or hidden, other people can no longer see the video on your profile, but you can still see the hidden video.

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That’s an easy way to hide TikTok videos that you can try. I hope the above TikTok tutorial was helpful.

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