How to Gmail Password Reset

How to Gmail Password Reset in 5 Minutes

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Sometimes, our Gmail account has been left on our cell phone or PC for too long, we forget the password when we want to move the account to a new device. This often happens, considering that we are encouraged to make passwords as difficult as possible to make them more secure.

One way to enter even if you forget your password is to reset your password. The method is quite easy and can be done from your cell phone or computer.

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Here’s How to Gmail Password Reset, via your cell phone or computer. Here’s the review!

How to Reset Gmail Password if Forgotten

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  • Go to the Gmail login page, and type in your account name, then enter.
  • You will be prompted to enter a password. On this page, click “Forgot Password?”
  • After that, you will be asked to enter a password that you can remember. If the password is correct, you will enter the Gmail page. If wrong, your account will experience recovery.
  • Google will send you a notification. The notification is a directive to check your phone. Google will ask for your consent to send the code to the mobile phone number you set up in your account. You will be given the option of sending the code by message or phone. If you don’t want to be contacted by Google or you don’t have your phone with you, you can click ‘try another way’ at the bottom. The recovery code will be sent to the recovery email which you must also fill in the settings. If it still doesn’t work, you’ll be prompted for an email account that you can access for the recovery code.
  • If you have got the recovery code, enter the code on the recovery page.

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  • If so, you will be prompted by Google to create a new password. This time, record it and save it carefully so this doesn’t happen again.

So that’s How to Gmail Password Reset in 5 Minutes, hopefully it’s useful!

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