How to Get Wifi Password of Neighbors

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WiFi access is now very easy to find everywhere, from homes, offices, food stalls, cafes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc.

But unfortunately, not all of them are free. To a cafe or restaurant we have to buy first, then give them wifi access. Likewise with home or office wifi which definitely won’t give out their wifi password. Even asking for the wifi password is sometimes uncomfortable.

Well, Weblogue has a way How to Get Wifi Password of Neighbors.

But don’t be negative just yet, it doesn’t mean to teach other people to hack wifi. Because this way of breaking into wifi is for the right purpose. For example, if you forget your wifi password at home or are traveling but your data plan runs out.

If so, you can use this method of hacking wifi from either a phone or a laptop, just free!

Let’s immediately listen to how to get wifi password below.

How to Get Wifi Password with applications

how to get wifi password of neighbors online

1. Breaking the Wifi with Wifi Warden

You can use an application that can break other people’s wifi without the owner knowing it. One application that is widely used to find out wifi passwords is Wifi Warden.

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This application can be downloaded via the Play Store for free. If it’s time now to find out the wifi password in the vicinity. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Wifi Warden application then select the Signals menu, then the wifi id option will appear
  • Select a wifi address, then select Connect via WPS
  • Then select Calculate PIN, then click Try All PIN

If you’re lucky you will be connected to the destination wifi network. But if not, you can try other methods or use other applications.

2. Breaking Wifi with Wifi Map

The second way to break into wifi can also use a wifi map application. It’s just that this application is not available on the Play Store, so you have to download it via Google search.

If you have the following steps:

  • Open the Wifi Map application, then click ‘accept’> ‘next’> ‘next’> ‘enable location’.
  • The available wifi network will appear on the screen, select the one that will break the wifi.
  • Click ‘Unlock Password’, the wifi password will appear, copy the wifi password and paste it in the wifi settings, done.

But you must remember, this application is a forum type. Where the passwords displayed are the results of other users who have visited the place, most of which are cafes and restaurants.

How to Get Wifi Password without an application

how to get wifi password of neighbors on pc

1. Use the IP Address Configuration

This method is most often used by wifi password breakers who don’t use applications. The method is also quite easy and usually fails to fail.

This method is used to crack network passwords using modem routers, for example, indihome and @ networks.

First of all, you have to activate the wifi on your phone or laptop. After the wifi is active, you can immediately see what hotspots are active around you.

The easiest to find and everywhere is @ so this is the address most hackers break into.

If you choose @, you must first connect to this address.

Usually, after you connect, a pop-up will appear asking you to enter your username and password and along with that, the Modify Network Configuration mode page will appear.

This is where you can start tinkering with the IP address of @ On this page, you have to change the IP address which is usually written to

If so, go to the browser and write http //: in the address field at the top.

If you leave the login page, you don’t need to be confused because this is what you’ve been waiting for. All you have to do is enter your username and password by choosing the word ADMIN or USER.

Remember, the username and password must be the same, where if you choose the ADMIN username then the password must also be ADMIN. And if you choose the USER username then the password must also be USER.

After that go to the Settings section and look for Wifi to see the username and password.

You will find the actual username and password used to enter @ which is currently connected to your gadget, and you just have to use it.

2. Use CMD (Command Prompt) on Desktop or Laptop

If you want to connect via wifi while using a desktop or laptop, which can be used as a way to break into wifi that is easier than when using a phone.

With a laptop, you must first activate wifi mode to find the hotspot closest to you.

After that, all you have to do is run the CMD (Command Prompt) page by pressing the Windows key + R and entering the word CMD.

You can enter in upper and lowercase letters and press OK, then a CMD page with a distinctive black background will appear.

Immediately you enter the command by typing ‘netsh wlan show profiles’ and press enter. After that, the names of the wifi networks that have been connected to the laptop will appear.

After that again enter the command netsh wlan show profiles name (network name) key = clear.

So this is where the data from the network will finally appear, along with the password. You can find the password in the ‘Key Content’.

After saving it, of course, all you have to do is find a connection with a similar name and enter the password that was known earlier.

3. Access the ‘Network and Internet’ Menu

If you are using a desktop or laptop, there are also other ways you can break wifi passwords, namely by entering the ‘Network and Internet’ menu which can be found in the Control Panel.

You can find the Control Panel menu in the Start Menu or by right-clicking the wireless connection sign in the form of a signal, which is usually in the lower right corner of the screen near the battery status, to enter the Open Network and Sharing Center menu.

If you open it via Control Panel, look for the ‘Network and Internet’ menu. Then go to the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ menu where you will be able to find out what networks have been connected to your laptop.

In the new window, you can see the ‘Manage Wireless Networks’ menu to find out the password for the wifi connection to your laptop. To find out, you just have to click on the network name that you want to see the password for.

Once clicked, a new tab will appear containing the status of the wifi connection you are currently using. Click the ‘wireless properties’ tab and select the ‘security’ tab on the right.

In it will appear details of wifi such as security type, encryption type, and network security key.

Here the network security key is still in the form of unreadable dots, and to display the original characters you just have to check ‘show characters’ and retrieve the password of the wifi you are currently using.

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This trick is actually used to find out the wifi password that is already connected to our laptop without knowing what the password is.

Usually, the reason for finding out the password in this way is to be able to use it again to connect another device that we want to activate the wifi for, for example, a phone or tablet.


From the way to break the wifi password above, you can try one by one to get free internet access without having to download the application, it can even be done from the phone too.

But of course, there is nothing wrong if you try to ask the owner for the wifi password. So you can get internet access for free without having to hack into their wifi secretly.