How to Get Someone's Facebook User ID

How to Get Someone’s Facebook User ID and Number

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Facebook is now the largest social media with more than 2 billion active users. As a Facebook user, you may want to know your Facebook id, either username id or number id for certain purposes.

Facebook username or user id is part of Facebook’s public profile and anyone can see it from our Facebook URL. Although initially, once we register an account, Facebook will set it up (name or user id) based on our name (if available).

But we can change it later if we want to have a custom Facebook username and link (URL). Well in this article I want to give you a trick on How to Get Someone’s Facebook User ID and Number. Here see the steps.

How to Find a User ID on Facebook

Viewing Your Own Username on Facebook

  1. Log in to the Facebook application on your phone. After logging in on the veranda Facebook tap on your profile.
  1. Tap the three-dot option on the right side of the profile.
  1. See ‘Your Profile Link’ then copy it.
how to find my facebook username on mobile
  1. Paste your profile link into the notes application as below. You will see a link with a format like this So what is boxed is your username.
how to find your facebook username on android

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See other people’s Username on Facebook

The process is practically the same as looking at your own username, see the explanation below.

  1. Enter the homepage of the target profile you want
  1. Once in the profile click the three-dot option.
  1. Then copy the Profile Link.
how to find facebook id number
  1. Paste it in the notes, then delete the section, the rest is the user’s username. So for example here from, the username is “teph”
how to find facebook username of friends

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Viewing Your ID Number and Others on Facebook

  1. Log in to your profile or target profile.
  1. Scroll down and find any post, then tap the three-dot option at the top of the post.
  1. Then select “Copy link”.
  1. Open the note or note application, then paste the link there. You can see the user id at the end after the code “&id=”. Under the id number section, I put a red line.
how to find facebook username on iphone
  1. Done.

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Those are the steps to find your own Facebook user id or someone else’s. Hopefully, with the above method, you can easily find out the username. See you in the next article. Thank you.


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