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How to Get More Likes on Facebook – When having free time, usually many people choose to sit back while exploring the virtual world from a smartphone. Usually, they will access popular social networking applications such as IG, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Facebook both with and without an application is a great choice to relax because this social network is simple and easy to use.

From the Facebook application, users can get a variety of important to trivial information. In fact, you can also share some of the latest news whether it is in the format of writing, photos, videos, or a combination of the three at the same time. But indeed when a user sends a status update, not automatically many other users will press the like button as a sign of liking the post. Although for some users, the number of likes is not that important. However, for some people, the motivation for updating is to get as many likes as possible.

There are several aspects that determine a status that will get a lot of likes. One of them is the number of friends you have on your Facebook account. A large number of friends will allow you to get a lot of likes. If you have a lot of friends, automatically when you make a new post it will be seen by those friends who are likely to give Like. Except for the number of friends aspect, there are many ways to get lots of likes on Facebook, some of which are as follows:

Here’s How to Get More Likes on Facebook

how to increase likes on FB automatically

Interesting and Entertaining Status Updates

Most users who are active on social networks have the main goal of looking for cheap and attractive entertainment. When they get it, then read the status with interesting and entertaining content, of course, there will be many friends who will be happy and automatically press the Like button for the post. Try not to create a status in the form of writing that is too long which will actually make the reader bored.

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The post form can relate to hobbies for example painting, playing music, singing, playing games, creating creative works, and the like. Anything related to creativity will usually get lots of likes from readers. In fact, Facebook friends will share the post with other Facebook users.

Upload Cool Photos

Except in the form of articles, like status on Facebook can also be obtained when uploading cool photos. Try to post photos that target interesting objects. Do not forget to edit the photo first before posting. A well-edited photo will attract more viewers and a chance to get likes. Based on studies, many people prefer images because they can convey messages more effectively than text.

So it’s enough to post cool photos that attract people to press the like button voluntarily, no need for tools or auto-like applications to make your posts so many people like. Not necessarily the auto like tool is safe to use, it could contain viruses or malware that can harm the account or device you use to log in to your Facebook account.

Facebook groups

Owning or following a Facebook Group can also be used to get likes. Users can join several existing groups or even create their own groups with certain themes. This Facebook group can be formed to accommodate people who have the same interests or hobbies. For example, groups of fans of chirping birds, photography hobbies, groups of buying and selling used cellphones, buying and selling used cameras, and many more things a group can create. Users can also share posts that the group members are following like.

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Schedule and Frequency of Posts

Determining the schedule and the most appropriate time to upload posts also has an effect. Users must understand when Facebook friends are usually active. That way there will be no wrong time posting updates which results in not many opening them. For example, posting at late night hours where usually a lot of people are asleep, of course, any good post will only get a few likes.

The frequency of posting can also determine the number of likes you get. That doesn’t mean those who post frequently will get lots of likes from other users. Too often posting a status on the Facebook wall might actually disturb the comfort of friends who are browsing on Facebook. Ideally, try only to upload one to two status updates in one day. Strive for quality posted content to increase the likelihood that readers will Like.

Good Comment

When commenting on updates posted by other users, try to use polite and kind speech. Because when commenting with wise sentences, other users will definitely be impressed and give Like the content of the comment. A sign if other people agree with the content of the comment by giving likes. Therefore, give positive comments on what other users post in order to attract them to Like.

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Share Latest Interesting News

Like status can also be obtained by sharing the latest news from valid sources on the Facebook homepage. Try to add a catchy title that will make people curious to open it up and read it. If the readers are impressed by the news that is being shared, they will be happy to press the heart icon.


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