How to Free Up Space in Gmail

How to Free Up Space in Gmail Without Subscription

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How to Free Up Space in Gmail is important for you to know. Follow the Gmail tutorial to deal with the full storage space that the team summarizes below.

Gmail is an electronic mail platform from Google. Gmail is the most popular email service today. Compared to other email services, Gmail offers a lot of interesting features.

Gmail provides a capacity of 15 GB on each Google account. This capacity includes Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. Basically, the email file size is relatively small and does not take up much storage capacity.

However, Gmail is usually full due to the storage capacity being exhausted by Google Drive or Photos. This often happens, when users back up data on their smartphone to their Gmail account. It’s very easy to fix Gmail storage full.

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Here’s how to deal with the full Gmail storage that we’ve rounded up for you.

How can I get more storage on Gmail without paying?

How do I fix my Gmail storage full?

Delete Promotional Email

Promotional emails are usually sent because you have a specific account or application. Sometimes promotional emails are needed to get new information but because there are quite a lot of them makes Gmail full.

Delete Files in Google Photos

The Google Photos application affects Gmail’s capacity. This is because both applications have the same storage space. For that try deleting files in Google Photos.

  • Go to first and select Photos.
  • Then select the photo checkbox at the top left and click the “Delete” icon at the top right and move it to the “Trash” menu.
  • Finally, please go to the “Trash” menu and delete files permanently.

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Clean up ‘Junk’ in Gmail

The email will be in the trash folder and will be automatically deleted within 30 days of being deleted. So that Gmail is not full, you can delete or empty the trash folder in Gmail.

Emptying the Trash folder will make the emails in it permanently deleted and free up storage space.

Delete Old Email

Emails usually contain work assignments or school and college assignments. Once all the tasks have been completed then the email is no longer useful and will take up storage space. There are easy tips for finding old emails so they can be deleted quickly.

The trick is to type “older_than:5y” to search for old emails that are more than 5 years old or “older_than:2y” for emails that are more than 2 years old in the Gmail search field.

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That’s How to Free Up Space in Gmail Without Subscription that you can try. If it doesn’t work, you can try to subscribe to make more storage space free. Good luck with the Gmail tutorial above.


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