How to Fix Wireless Wireless Charger not Working iPhone 11

How to Fix Wireless Wireless Charger not Working iPhone 11

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Smartphones with wireless charger capabilities are increasingly being produced, but there are still many smartphones that have not perfectly adapted this technology, for example, the iPhone 11 which we will discuss at this time.

To solve this problem, we offer several solutions that you can use.

2 Ways How to Fix Wireless Wireless Charger not Working iPhone 11

1. Using a Wireless Charger Receiver

wireless charging not working iphone 11

This first method is the easiest way because you only need to add an adapter in the form of a wireless charger receiver on your smartphone.

Those of you who are loyal iPhone users can also use this adapter, just look for the typical Apple pin 8 connection type, and you will be able to change your iPhone 6 to feel like the iPhone X or iPhone 11 with its wireless charging technology.

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At first glance, this adapter looks like a sticker, with a soft and thin fiber material so that it doesn’t really change the shape and thickness of your smartphone. Besides, it can protect the smartphone from scratches.

Overall, the size of this adapter is 115 x 54 mm, including a 20 mm thin flexible cable that has an alloy end connector.

For those of you who don’t really like how it looks, then you can add a casing to your smartphone, because besides being able to protect the smartphone, the case, or cover can hide the adapter while making it durable.

You don’t need to remove the cover when recharging, because the sensor from the wireless charger can still be captured by this adapter, even though it’s blocked by the cover or casing.

2. Wearing Wireless Charging Casing

wireless charger not working iphone 7

Another solution is to use a case that already has a wireless charger receiver embedded in it.

This case connects the receiver with your smartphone via the connector, after the connector is connected and the casing is installed, all you have to do is put your smartphone into the wireless charger, and the charging process automatically starts.

On the inside of this charger is also implanted a piece of iron, so that you can use this casing to be attached to the magnetic holder.

This casing also protects from overcharge and over-discharge, so that your smartphone battery lasts longer.

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In addition to the wireless charger receiver, this casing also functions as a casing in general, which protects your smartphone from bumps and scratches.

Those are some ways How to Fix Wireless Wireless Charger not Working iPhone 11. Interested in trying the solutions from the weblogue above?

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