How to Fix Temporarily-banned Instagram Account

How to Fix Temporarily-banned Instagram Account

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Are you looking for a How to Fix Temporarily-banned Instagram Account? To find out a solution to how to recover a temporarily blocked Instagram account, you must know what causes the IG account to be blocked first.

Instagram accounts that are blocked can vary, some are blocked from liking posts, commenting on posts, or not being able to follow people on Instagram.

Since Instagram has been bought by the Facebook company, Instagram has continued to strive to remove accounts that violate policies from Instagram. Therefore, maybe not a few Instagram users have been blocked because of trivial things.

Then How to Fix Temporarily-banned Instagram Account? Is there an opportunity to restore a temporarily blocked Instagram account? The answer is of course you can. You just need to follow a few steps in this article to find out.

However, before you head to how to recover temporarily blocked Instagram account, know what causes and what features are blocked by Instagram first.

What Causes Instagram Temporary Blocked?

Instagram temporarily blocked for going too fast

Quite a few factors cause Instagram accounts to be temporarily blocked. So if you have successfully returned a blocked IG account, make sure you don’t repeat the error again. Here are some reasons why Instagram accounts are blocked:

  • Failure to follow – unfollow was detected.
  • Like a large number of Instagram posts in a short time.
  • Leave a comment on an inappropriate post.
  • Submitting posts that violate Instagram policies.
  • Login and logout too often with a large number of IG accounts.

If you have ever done one of the causes of your IG account being blocked as mentioned above, it means that it is very natural that your IG account is now blocked. But don’t worry, there is still a way out for how to deal with a temporarily blocked IG account.

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You can try the following methods if you commit the above violations or not. So it is quite possible that your Instagram account will open from being blocked and return to normal.

How to Fix Temporarily-banned Instagram Account

how to remove action blocked on Instagram

Stop Instagram Account Activity Temporarily

One of the reasons why the IG account is temporarily blocked is because the system detects an IG account that is doing an excessive activity. This activity includes follow – unfollow and like – unlike and various other activities. So, try to get your IG account out and stop opening the Instagram application within 24 hours.

Submitting Reports to the Instagram Team

If the first method takes a long time, you can try this second method. Simply report and explain the problem you are experiencing then ask Instagram to unblock your Instagram account.

Clear Instagram Application Data

This third method is a case when your IG account is blocked on your cellphone, but not blocked on another cellphone. All you have to do is clear the data and cache of the Instagram application via the settings menu on your smartphone.

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On – Turn off Airplane Mode

The fourth method can also be used if your Instagram account is blocked on your cellphone, but normal on another cellphone. This is because the IP you are using has been detected by IP spam and has been blacklisted by Instagram. How to deal with a blocked Instagram account, in this case, is to simply activate airplane mode, then turn it off again to get a new and clean IP depending on the provider you are using.

How to avoid an Instagram account from being blocked

It is certain that no one anywhere wants an Instagram account that is often used to suddenly be blocked and cannot be used again. So, here are some tips that you must understand so that it doesn’t happen to your IG account.

  • Avoid activities that are too deep
  • Stop the activity sometime first after the block status has reopened.
  • Make sure the email and cellphone number have been verified correctly in your IG account.
  • If you want to do a promotion, just do it appropriately.
  • Avoid using auto followers/auto like tools.
  • Connect your IG account with Facebook or Twitter.
  • Do not carelessly give IG account access to suspicious applications.

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Some of the causes How to Fix Temporarily-banned Instagram Account and tips on avoiding IG accounts being blocked. Also avoid auto follower tools to get followers instantly, just read how to get more IG followers to find out.