How to fix Problem Instagram Videos not Playing

How to fix Problem Instagram Videos not Playing

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Instagram is an application that is widely used by smartphone users. There, we are given the freedom to share photos or videos of our best moments with our followers. But there are times when Instagram can’t play our videos, why is that?

As an application, of course, Instagram is never separated from the name disturbance. One of them is when Instagram videos cannot be played due to not running or cannot be opened because Instagram is slow.

Why can’t videos on Instagram be played? The causes of Instagram errors are quite diverse, especially when the video we want to watch cannot be opened. It could be due to interference from cellphones or signal interference that is not stable in the area we are in.

So, to overcome various distractions that cause Instagram to not be able to play videos. There are several things we must do, what are they? Here’s an easy way to deal with Instagram videos that won’t play:

Easy Way How to fix Problem Instagram Videos not Playing

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1. Clear Cache

Basically cache is data from application usage which is stored temporarily. Actually the cache actually functions to increase the movement of data that has been accessed on our devices.

So that if we access the application again, the process will be faster than when we first opened it because our data is already stored in the cache. However, within a certain period of time, the cache can have a negative effect on smartphones.

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Why? Because cache can make smartphone memory full and application speed, especially Instagram, in accessing videos is slow. It could be, this is what causes us to not be able to play videos on Instagram.

The solution to this problem is to clear the cache stored on the cellphone. Can be done directly in the settings menu or use a cache wiper application.

2. Update the Instagram application

Another possibility that causes Instagram to not be able to run videos is because the Instagram application on our phone is not updated. In this case, always make sure the Instagram application we use is using the latest version.

Because, every party doing an update, they always provide updates or fixes for every bug in their application. If it is not updated, it could be a bug that causes Instagram to not be able to play videos.

To update, you can do it on the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore, search for the Instagram application, open it, and select update.

3. Check the Internet Connection You Use

Not working videos on Instagram are also often caused because the internet network we are using is not good, there are interruptions, or even your internet quota has run out.

Especially for the first and second reasons, we can’t do anything because the origin of the problem is not from our smartphone. However, for the third reason, you should check it first by pressing the number according to the operator you are using.

4. Restart Phone or Reinstall the Instagram Application

If you have done all of the above but Instagram, you still can’t run videos on Instagram. So our next suggestion is to restart your cellphone. It could be that your smartphone machine has never been rested, causing interference.

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If this still doesn’t work, you can reinstall the Instagram application on p. Before reinstalling, you have to uninstall the application in the settings menu. Then download the Instagram application again and re-login to be able to access it.

Easy and Fast to Do

That’s an easy way to deal with How to fix Problem Instagram Videos not Playing, just do it and make the video in the application run again. Actually, the solution to dealing with the Instagram application that stops while running can also be run in various applications that suddenly stop while in use. All of the above methods are very easy and fast to do.

This method can also be used if our Instagram application cannot run as a whole. So, good luck.

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