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How to Fix Oppo A31 Forgot Screen Lock Pattern

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How to fix HP Oppo A31 which forgets PIN and Password pattern without root. Smartphone security systems are getting more sophisticated, therefore in addition to applying Face Unlock, Fingerprint and Face ID but for locking the screen, people still prefer to use Pattern.

The Oppo A31 is no exception, which has gahar specifications in its class, which is the ideal cellphone for the people of the country. Bringing the MediaTek Helio P35 Chipset with a 12 nanometer fabrication system and equipped with 4GB of RAM memory makes it comfortable for users to play games too.

Regarding the security method, for the Oppo A31 screen lock, the fingerprint scanner sensor feature has been embedded on the back of the body. But somehow people prefer to wear the Pattern.

How to Fix Oppo A31 Forgot Screen Lock Pattern

If you have activated a screen lock but you forget the Oppo A31 pattern and password or PIN, it must be repaired immediately.

The first method we use is Forgot Password, if one or two times make a mistake filling in the password, the system realizes the owner is forgetting the password.

The “Forgot Password” or “Forgot Password” menu will appear on the screen. Next, just tap the button and a notification will appear.

The writing says that the link for resetting the password is sent to your email, until here you use another cellphone / borrow a friend or use a PC, log in to the email in question and check your inbox.

There should be an email inbox containing instructions to reset a password and you will be required to fill in a new password and then open a pattern or create a new pattern. The first method is done, it should be successful in overcoming the Oppp A31 forgot pattern.

Actually, there is an alternative solution to fix the forgotten Passcode Oppo A31, namely by making a phone call, this method is only done when the smartphone’s cellular data is off.

First take a second cellphone or borrow a family / friend and make a call to the SIM Card number installed on the Oppo A31 which has a pattern problem.

Check on the screen of the HP Oppo A31, of course there is a display of a call from another number, it’s up to you to pick it up or not, but what is clear is that our goal is to press the Home button during this process.

After successfully press Home and enter the front page of the HP display, go to the Settings menu and activate the internet network on the Oppo A31 to be free to use WiFi or cellular data.

If it is active, use the first method with Forgot Password or Forgot Password to reset the forgot Oppo A31 pattern then log in again to the connected email.

So that’s How to Fix Oppo A31 Forgot Screen Lock Pattern using screen lock can be applied on Oppo A92s, Oppo Find X2 Pro and Oppo A91.

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