How to Fix Copyright Problems on Instagram

How to Fix Copyright Problems on Instagram

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Have you ever experienced a problem where videos on IG are suddenly deleted because they have copyright content? If so, then don’t panic. The reason is, How to Fix Copyright Problems on Instagram can be overcome easily.

Even though Instagram is a very popular social media for sharing photos and videos. But Instagram pays close attention to someone’s copyright regarding the content to be shared there.

When you upload a photo or video that has a copyright, you will automatically receive a notification regarding the copyright. The most common consequence is that the post will be removed from your IG account.

This problem is often encountered when the uploaded video uses music from the people in it. The song in the video will be detected as copyrighted content so you will get a copyright warning on the Instagram notification.

Sometimes this problem is really annoying, especially if the photo or video doesn’t actually violate any of the terms and conditions imposed by Instagram.

You can try the steps below to solve the problem with the post that is copyrighted or blocked as a solution.

Fix Copyright Problems on Instagram

appealing copyright on instagram

The solution so that Instagram posts are not deleted because they have the copyright content is actually quite easy. You can even apply it directly via the Instagram application.

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Overcoming copyright on IG:

  • Run the Instagram application on your smartphone.
  • Login using an IG account that is subject to copyright.
  • Open the notification menu or Instagram notification.
  • Press the message related to copyright or copyright.
  • Then tap the Appeal option at the bottom.
  • Give a check I agree and type your IG username.
  • Finally, tap the Appeal button.
  • Done.

By pressing the appeal button, you are submitting a submission to Instagram that posting photos or videos on your IG account does not violate other people’s copyrights or copyrights.

You only need to wait a few minutes for the copyright infringed video to be uploaded back to your Instagram account automatically.

How to avoid Copyright problems on Instagram

Give Credits or Resources

Whatever content you post and share on Instagram, you must give credit to the source of your post. That way, copyright owners feel more respected and allow them not to report your posts.

Even better, you can ask or ask permission from the original owner of the content first before you share it.


If you use music or songs that are protected by copyright, the Instagram system will automatically detect them as copyright infringement and delete them.

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How do I appeal an Instagram post that is subject to copyright? You can read it on how to deal with the Instagram copyright described above.

Using Copyright Free Songs

There are many websites on the internet that offer songs and music that are both copyright and free. One of the most popular ones is the song from the YouTube channel NoCopyrightSounds.

Instagram is quite strict regarding copyright infringement in video content. So if you want to use a song as a video background for Instagram posts, then use a copyright-free song.

How to Use Copyrighted Songs on Instagram

use copyrighted songs on instagram

The last way How to Fix Copyright Problems on Instagram videos is by modifying the information in the song file. By changing the song information, the Instagram system will not detect the song as a copyright infringement.

How to upload Instagram videos using people’s songs:

  • Open the default HP music application.
  • Find a song to use in the video.
  • Tap track info or to change song information.
  • Edit the song name and album name to be blank.
  • Save the changes.
  • Done.

Now the song file can be used as a video background without worrying about copyright infringement being detected on Instagram. Use your flagship video editing application to combine the video and the song.

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That’s an article about How to Fix Copyright Problems on Instagram which can help you to find a solution if you are exposed to copyright infringement on your IG. If you have questions regarding copyrights and copyrights on Instagram, leave a comment below.

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