How to Fix Battery Draining issue iPhone 11

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Have you ever looked at your iPhone, and realized that it has 30% battery left even though the battery has just been charged?

If you experience this problem, the first thing you can do is to find out if the iPhone usage patterns are different from previous days?

If so, it’s a good idea not to do this again. However, if you are sure that nothing has changed in your iPhone usage pattern, the tips below might help you deal with battery draining issue on your iPhone 11.

How to Fix Battery Draining issue iPhone 11 Fast and Easy

how to save battery on iphone 11

1. Reduce Number of Widgets on Lock Screen

Through the iOS 10 update, Apple managed to polish the appearance of widgets on the Lock Screen to look more attractive and informative than the previous version.

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No need to open a cellphone or application anymore, users can get a variety of information, such as weather, calendar, email, and much more. Even so, this widget requires ‘power’ to stay updated.

If you feel that your iPhone battery is dropping, it is better if you can throw away widgets that are not used from the Lock Screen. To access widgets from the Lock Screen, swipe the iPhone screen to the right and do the following:

  • Scroll down while on the widgets page; tap the Edit button.
  • Open the phone and you will find the Add Widgets menu.
  • To delete widgets, tap the red circle next to the widget.
  • A Remove button will appear; tap the button.
  • Tap the Done button when finished.

2. Restart your iPhone

Restarting the device is the most basic troubleshooting and is often performed by Android or iPhone users.

Although it doesn’t solve the problem of iPhone battery draining quickly, this method can affect the device’s performance to make it faster.

3. Turn off applications that operate in the background

As the name implies, an application that operates behind does what it should do, which is refreshing or updating the application continuously even though the application is not in use.

Even though the time it takes to wait for the information in the application to appear faster, in fact, it really drains your iPhone battery.

To turn it off, you can do it by going to Settings> General> Background App Refresh> Drag the Background App Refresh button to the left.

4. How to Fix Battery Draining issue iPhone 11 With Turn on Low Power Mode

Of all the features on the iPhone, Low Power Mode is a very helpful feature. Unfortunately, not all iPhone users are aware that this feature can help with battery problems.

Yes, there is a power bank, but what if the power in the power bank runs out and you can’t find a socket to charge a critical iPhone battery?

By turning on Low Power Mode, there is a possibility that the iPhone can last longer until you find a socket to charge the iPhone battery or power bank.

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To turn on this feature, you can go to Settings> Battery> Slide the Low Power Mode button to the right.

5. Flip the iPhone Screen Downwards

When your iPhone screen is facing upwards, the screen will turn on whenever you get a notification.

And if you receive a lot of notifications, there’s a chance that the iPhone screen turns on and off can drain battery power.

Therefore, in addition to being the most appropriate way to stop you from opening and replying to every notification that appears, flipping the iPhone screen down can save battery power because the screen won’t turn on every time there is a notification.


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