How to Fix Android Phone Shuts off Randomly

How to Fix Android Phone Shuts off Randomly

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Have you ever experienced when you were playing an Android cellphone but suddenly turned off by yourself? Of course, it is very annoying, you have to immediately find out what causes it and How to Fix Android Phone Shuts off Randomly.

Not a few Android cellphone users experience their own death. This of course will be very annoying if we are doing activities playing online games or are working on a job on an Android phone.

This case can be experienced in all brands of Android phones, be it from Asus, Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, and others. If you also experience it, then you must know what causes it and how to overcome it.

The reason is, there are also those who experience when their android cellphone suddenly turns off by itself, the android cellphone cannot turn back on. There are even those who experience a completely dead Android cellphone and cannot be charged the battery.

Surely you don’t want to experience this right? So, when your Android phone turns off or restarts suddenly, you must immediately find a way to solve it so that it doesn’t happen again.

Why Does My Phone Keep Turning Off By Itself?

Why phone suddenly shut down

There are various factors why an Android phone can suddenly turn off on its own. To deal with an Android cellphone that restarts itself, you can first understand the cause below.

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Battery Status: This could be due to an error battery status. For example, 80% battery power, but the truth is that the battery power remains only 4%.

Android HP Battery: An old cellphone battery, it is most likely that there is damage in the battery. The battery is the power source of the cellphone, so if the battery is damaged, it will have an effect.

Damaged HP Components: Old Android cellphone components can be the cause the cellphone to turn off itself. For specifics, it can be damaged in the connector components, to the IC components.

Lots of Junk Files: When you open or run an application, the android system produces cache files. If the cache files accumulate, then the android phone feels slow, has errors, force closes, crashes, and turns itself off suddenly.

Opening a Corrupt Application: When you open an application that displays an error message, the cellphone will start to get heavy, until it restarts itself suddenly. An application like this, cannot match with the Android System device, so it makes itself die.

Influence of Root: Although rooting Android is often said to have a good effect on the performance of an Android cellphone, the effect of the root will make your cellphone crash and turn off itself. The reason is, when the Android phone is rooted, then you can cross the predetermined limits, for example, you are installing a game that is heavy and actually doesn’t fit on your Android phone.

Android System Error: An error on the Android system, will make the cellphone restart or turn off itself. This often happens on rooted Android phones. Because a rooted cellphone has access to change and delete system files that play an important role.

Overheat: Components in an Android phone that perform too much can make the cellphone hot. The android system is designed to restart itself when the hardware is hot.

After you know what causes an Android smartphone that often restarts or shuts down on its own, is there one of them that happened to your cellphone? If so, here are some tips to fix it.

How to Fix Android Phone Shuts off Randomly

How do you stop your phone from turning off by itself Android
  • Cleaning Cache Files. Clean junk files from cache regularly so that the performance of your Android phone can run smoothly and not slow. This solution is powerful enough to deal with Android phones that often turn off suddenly by themselves. You can use the built-in cache cleaning feature of the cellphone or the application from the Playstore.
  • Fix Battery Error. Incorrect battery status can cause the cellphone to turn off by itself. The fix is ​​to calibrate the battery using the Battery Calibration application on the Playstore.
  • Remove Error Applications. To find out which application has an error, try to open the application one by one. If the application gives an error message or force close, then the application must be removed. Simply go to the application list via the settings menu, then delete the application.
  • Set the temperature of an Android phone. Hot temperatures on Android phones are often caused by the number of applications running that make chipset components unstable. Reduce the installed applications, don’t open many applications at the same time, and try to stop playing with your Android phone for a moment.
  • Unroot Android. If your android phone often turns itself off after you root, then it is certain that root is the cause. You have to unroot your android phone to fix it.
  • Install Antivirus Application. Install the AntiVirus application which is able to remove and prevent the android virus from being able to access your android cellphone system. You can install Antivirus applications such as AVG, AVAST Mobile Security, Bitdefender Antivirus Free, and others via Playstore.
  • Use a RAM Cleaner. RAM that runs optimally can regulate the temperature of an Android cellphone to remain safe. You can use the ram cleaner application from the Playstore or the features available on your cellphone default.
  • Use External Memory. The cause of the Android cellphone often restarts itself suddenly, namely because the internal storage is full. So, to fix this you can use external memory for alternative file storage on your Android.
  • Factory Reset. The last way you can try is by resetting your android phone. This method will make your android phone return to its original or factory settings so that it will make the android system files back like new. But make sure to back up data on your Android first so it doesn’t get lost.


If some of the tips above can’t solve the problem on your Android cellphone, then it is advisable to go to Android service, because it is likely that your Android has damage to the hardware components.

That’s How to Fix Android Phone Shuts off Randomly, often restarting or turning off suddenly by themselves. You can try some of the tips described above for all types of android that you use.

If you have difficulty applying the solution above to make your Android phone work normally again, please write in the comments column. Hopefully useful and good luck!


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