How to Fix an all Laptop Keyboard Problem

How to Fix an all Laptop Keyboard Problem

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Have you ever experienced the keyboard on a laptop that doesn’t work with some letters or doesn’t even work at all? It must be very annoying, right? You don’t need to panic and immediately take it to the service, How to Fix an all Laptop Keyboard Problem you can do it yourself easily.

There are two types of laptop keyboard problems that are error and not working. The first is that the laptop keyboard does not work part of the letters, and the second is when the keyboard cannot function at all.

These two problems can afflict all laptop brands from Asus, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, and others. This problem is quite often encountered by laptop users of any brand.

How to Fix Laptop Keyboard

To fix this, you must first find out whether this problem arises due to hardware or software factors.

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Then make sure your laptop keyboard is not fully functional or only part of the letters. After that, please follow some of the following solutions below.

Restart the laptop

how to fix laptop keyboard keys not working

Restarting a laptop is one of the simplest solutions to fixing an error or a malfunctioning keyboard.

Sometimes we don’t realize that we’ve disabled the keyboard so it can’t be used. Or there is an error from an application and make the keyboard unable to work.

Try turning off the laptop first, then wait a few minutes and restart your laptop.

Update Keyboard Driver

how to fix laptop keyboard types wrong characters

The laptop keyboard driver that is installed does not match the correct version, which will cause the laptop keyboard to crash and not function completely.

How to Fix an all Laptop Keyboard Problem with update driver:

  • Open the Windows Start menu.
  • Go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Device Manager.
  • Click the Keyboard option.
  • Then right-click the driver from the laptop keyboard.
  • Select the Update Driver option.
  • Wait until the driver update process is complete.
  • The complete process is indicated by the appearance of the restart command.

Next, you have to restart the laptop, then wait for the laptop to restart. If the keyboard works again, then the problem stems from an outdated driver.

Disable the Num Lock

my laptop keyboard is not working

If you still experience the laptop keyboard doesn’t work through the two methods above, then make sure whether the num lock key on your keyboard is active?

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If so, chances are that the num lock key is rendering your laptop keyboard malfunctioning. Just turn off the button, then try to test whether the keyboard is back to normal or not.

Remove the Laptop Battery

laptop keyboard not working windows 10

A short electric current can also be a factor in a partially functioning laptop keyboard. How to fix a laptop keyboard, in this case, is that you have to remove the battery on the laptop first for a few minutes.

After that, reinstall the laptop battery and turn on your laptop. If it is true that electric current is the problem, the keyboard will now work normally again.

Restore Windows

laptop keyboard not working windows 7

A laptop keyboard that does not work suddenly can also be caused because we are not aware that there are changes to the settings on the laptop. In Windows, you can easily restore laptop system settings.

  • Click your Windows Start menu.
  • Then enter the Control Panel menu.
  • Go to System and Security> Back up your computer.
  • Click Recover system settings or your computer.
  • Finally, click Open System Restore.
  • Done.

This command will restore your windows settings back to their original settings. If the keyboard error is due to an error in the system settings, then with this solution the keyboard can function normally again.

Remove Dirt and Dust

A dirty and dusty keyboard can prevent the keyboard function from working properly. Usually, a dirty keyboard causes some letters to malfunction.

For how to fix a laptop keyboard error due to dirt and dust, then you have to clean it by removing the keyboard component that doesn’t work. Or to make it more leverage, you can remove all the components on the laptop keyboard and then clean it.

Go to Repairman

How to Fix Laptop Keyboard not working some letters
Taking the laptop to a laptop or PC repairman is the easiest and most common solution. This solution is effective if you don’t know the basics of how to repair a laptop keyboard at all.

Even more so if you still have a valid laptop warranty. You can take it to an authorized laptop service center, they will fix your laptop keyboard easily.

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Well, a few short articles related to How to Fix an all Laptop Keyboard Problem that is not fully functional or part of the letters. Hopefully, this article can solve your laptop keyboard that is an error and can’t work so that it can return to normal.


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