How To Fix a Laptop That Won't Connect to Wifi

How To Fix a Laptop That Won’t Connect to Wifi [SOLVED]

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How To Fix a Laptop That Won’t Connect to Wifi – Internet today has become an important need for humans. Not surprisingly, a number of the latest devices come with the WiFi feature to make it easy to connect to the internet network. Laptops have even become one of the mandatory electronic devices that have WiFi features.

This happens because laptops are no longer just gadgets for typing office work, but can be used for various important things such as browsing, watching online videos to playing games. So it will be very annoying if you have a laptop, but can’t connect to WiFi.

For information, WiFi is a modern technology that makes various electronic devices, computers, and smartphones interconnected without having to use cables. With WiFi technology, you don’t have to bother anymore to plug in cables when you want to open the internet on laptops and other gadgets.

Your activities will certainly be easier and more practical, especially now that many public places have WiFi installed. Then, in an area with WiFi, what if the laptop you usually use for browsing can’t be used because it doesn’t connect? To find out the solution, please refer to the following steps.

Cause Laptop Can’t Connect to WiFi

why my laptop is not connecting to wifi

It’s very annoying and confusing when the laptop can’t connect or connect to WiFi. Moreover, there are various causes. Well, to find out more details, here are the causes of the laptop not being able to connect to WiFi that you need to know.

Wrong WiFi Password

The basic cause of a laptop that can’t connect to WiFi is the wrong password. WiFi is indeed spread in various locations, so a password is usually required to connect the laptop to the existing WiFi.

These passwords are usually very easy and some are very complicated. If you enter the wrong password, of course, the laptop will not connect to the WiFi network. So, you have to fill in the WiFi password carefully. Check every letter and number in the password if the laptop still won’t connect to WiFi.

The use of WiFi passwords is usually to ensure that WiFi is indeed used by the right party because sometimes there are people who use WiFi carelessly.

For example, to update large-capacity programs or applications, download movies, to play online games. So, always pay attention to whether the WiFi password you type is correct so that the internet is connected.

Laptop in Airplane Mode

The next cause of the laptop not connecting to WiFi is because the laptop is in airplane mode or flight mode. Please note that each manufacturer presents a number of modes on laptops for the convenience and safety of its users.

Usually, laptops that are not connected to WiFi are caused by one of them because airplane mode is on. When this mode is active, all connectivity including the WiFi feature in the laptop will be turned off.

Presence of SSH and Proxy

Some people certainly want to get fast free internet. Therefore, many internet users use various ways to get a fast and stable internet network, including using SSH and Proxy.

Unfortunately, this method sometimes changes the network connection settings on the laptop. This is what makes the laptop unable to connect to Wifi normally.

Problematic Laptop

The next cause of WiFi not being able to connect is that there is a problem with the driver or hardware from your laptop. If other gadgets can connect to WiFi smoothly, and only your laptop doesn’t connect, there could be a problem with your laptop.

If this happens, you can check the driver or laptop hardware section related to WiFi. Damage to the laptop hardware makes the laptop only able to capture the wifi network from a very close distance.

If usually laptops can capture WiFi networks within a 10-meter radius, now detection can only be done within a 3-meter radius because the hardware is damaged. In addition, the laptop can only capture certain wifi networks, not too many.

These things will certainly interfere with your activities on the internet because you have to determine the right distance so that the laptop is connected to WiFi. Furthermore, due to frequent connections to WiFi, the laptop experiences a buildup of WiFi data cache.

This can make the WiFi reception on your laptop an error. Some laptops won’t even be able to receive a new WiFi network as long as the WiFi data cache is full. This is a problem that is often not realized by many laptop owners, especially those who often use laptops in public places.

An Error WiFi Network

If you have made sure the laptop is running normally, there is no damage to the drivers and hardware. Then the cause of the WiFi not connecting could be due to an error network or WiFi transmitting device.

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How to fix a laptop that won’t connect to Wi-Fi

After understanding the various causes of a laptop that can’t connect to WiFi, you can try some of the ways below to fix this. The hope is that the laptop can be used again to its full potential. This is the solution for a laptop that doesn’t connect or connects to WiFi.

Change Laptop WiFi Settings

my laptop cannot detect wifi but my phone can

One of the signs of wifi not connecting on a laptop is the appearance of an exclamation mark icon on the internet access section. If this happens, you can try making changes to the WiFi settings so that the laptop can reconnect. Here’s how:

  • Click Start > Control panel > network and internet.
  • Click the network and sharing center and then click change adapter settings.
  • The select wireless connection then right-clicks and selects properties.
  • Look for the networking tab then find and click on the internet protocol version 4.
  • Then select obtain IP Address Automatically and select Obtain DNS server address automatically.
  • Finally, click OK and restart your laptop.

Clear WiFi Cache Data

why my laptop is not connecting to wifi windows 10

Full Wi-Fi cache data is the cause of laptops not connecting to the internet which is rarely realized. Fortunately, the way around this is quite easy.

  • Go to control panel > network and internet > network and sharing center
  • Select manage wireless networks > clear all WiFi cache.
  • How to delete it > select one of the wifi data then click remove.

Restart Connection (Disconnect)

wifi not working on laptop windows 7

If the laptop can’t connect to WiFi and an “unidentified network” notification appears, you can do the following steps. To note, the notification usually appears because the laptop cannot find the IP address and DNS server from the WiFi network.

  • Click the WiFi icon on your laptop. It’s usually at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select a WiFi network.
  • Click the “disconnect” button. Wait until the WiFi network is disconnected.
  • Click the “connect” button. Wait for the WiFi network to reconnect.

Restart Laptop or WiFi Modem

The last step to overcome the WiFi that doesn’t connect is to restart the laptop and the WiFi modem. By restarting all data and settings, the WiFi settings will return to the beginning.

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That’s How To Fix a Laptop That Won’t Connect to Wifi. The most important thing when facing this problem is that you must be able to understand the main cause first before taking any other steps. Hopefully, these tips can help, yes!

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