How To Find Lost Phone With Gmail Account

How To Find Lost Phone With Gmail Account

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In an era where almost everyone has a smartphone today, Gmail which is one of Google’s products is used in almost every smartphone. For android phones, for example, a Gmail account has become an obligation.

It turns out that Gmail (google account) can also do the unexpected, namely tracking and controlling smartphones remotely.

This does not mean that Google is an application that is spying on users.

You should know, Google records all the activities we do, including the devices we’ve used to log in. When you have successfully logged into your Google account to a device, Google will record the device and mark the location of the device you are using.

This is for the security of the google account.

Well, this Google feature can also be helpful for those of you who have lost your device, whether it was accidentally lost or it might have been stolen.

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If you are curious about how this time I will try to give a tutorial on How To Find Lost Phone With Gmail Account.

How to Find your Lost Phone Using Gmail account?

Of course, this tutorial applies to those of you who have already logged in to a Google account on the lost device.

Step 1: Go to this page If you are not logged in, you will be asked to log in first. Then the following page will appear. Then tap the link “Find a lost or stolen phone”.

find my device

Step 2: Select the lost phone or device

A list of phones or laptops that have been used to log in to a Google account will appear. Select and tap the missing device.

Usually, after that, you will be asked to enter the password once again.

Step 3: Select “Locate. In the menu here you can choose various features such as “ring” or “locate”.

Ring functions to ring the phone. This is the case if the cell phone is lost in the house. If on a call or on the phone it’s okay, only sometimes we use silent mode. So if the phone is in silent mode, use this ring method. As for location, it is to find the current location of the phone.

google find my device

At the bottom there are several options as well, such as “lock your phone”, “try calling your phone”, “Sign out on your phone (logout/sign out the google account on your phone). )” and finally “Contact your operator” Which means contact the operator.

Step 4: After selecting locate, a google map display will appear.

find my device android

By using the Google map view, you can find out the current position of your smartphone. The location shown is the real-time location.

If the Device moves, the dot will also move. You just have to chase that point to get your own device.

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What if the phone is stolen?

This is what is difficult. If it’s lost, it’s stolen. It means they are intentional and it is usually difficult to get them back.

Although not impossible.

Don’t assume all thieves are high tech and smart and tech-savvy. There are many cases where the thief after getting the cellphone, just changes the card and without doing a “factory reset”.

Then you can track the location slowly.

Once there, try to communicate well and ask to return your cellphone. If he doesn’t admit it, you can try using the ring menu

If you activate this ring menu, your cellphone will sound loud (full volume), don’t worry if the device is on silent, even though the device is on silent, the sound will still sound loud for 5 minutes.

find my lost phone

If indeed you already know for sure the location of your cell phone. Ask the authorities for help.

All of the above methods do not only apply to Android. If you have an IOS device, you can also follow the tutorial above. This is because not only Android, but iPhone can also, but indeed the main requirement on the device is a Gmail account that is logged in.

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That’s the tutorial on How To Find Lost Phone With Gmail Account. Hope it is useful.

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