How to Find a Lost Android Smartphone

How to Find a Lost Android Smartphone

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Losing a cell phone is the most undesirable thing for everyone. Not because the price of the cellphone is expensive, more than that the data in it cannot be bought with money. Especially if the android smartphone contains personal data such as office work data or memorable photos that we haven’t had time to move to a laptop or other storage media.

As we all know, Android smartphones don’t only function as mini-computers that can be taken anywhere we go. A large internal storage media allows us to store a lot of data into the smartphone or android phone. Besides being more effective and efficient, we can also make it easier and faster when we want to send data via email or WhatsApp, or other media.

Back again on our topic of finding a lost android phone, we try to share the easiest tips to find it again. And the simplest way is to use the Gmail account registered on the lost phone. Therefore we strongly recommend that you create a Gmail account that is correct, meaning it is not a Gmail account as long as it is created just to activate an Android smartphone.

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As we know, to use and download applications from the PlayStore, you are required to create an account or log in with an account you already have. So How to Find a Lost Android Smartphone?

Stolen or lost Android phone? Here’s how to find it

  • First, please open this site from a computer or smartphone.
  • Next, you log in with the Gmail account registered on your lost android phone
  • After you log in, the screen will appear as below:
android device manager

On the screen listed 3 menus/options that you can choose:

  • Play Sounds. This option will ring (ring) your phone for 5 minutes even if you have set it to the Silent option.
  • Lock. This option will lock your cellphone and display a message on your cellphone.
  • Erase. This option will delete all the data on your phone.

To find out where your phone is, make sure you always turn on-location services. For this, you go to Settings -> Location / Location then set it to On / Enable.

And in addition to the above method, you can also check via another Android smartphone by installing the Find My Device application. After you install the application, run it immediately and follow the steps below:

find my device

After you log in you will see 3 options as above, namely Play Sound, Lock, and Erase.

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Hopefully our post this time can help you to rediscover your lost android phone or at least be able to save your important data that is in it.

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