How To Enable Dark Mode on Gmail

How To Enable Dark Mode on Gmail App For Android

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How To Enable Dark Mode on Gmail?. The appearance of Dark Mode in applications has become popular lately after Google presented this feature on Android 10. One application that provides Dark Mode is Gmail for Android.

Apart from changing the color of the application UI, this feature can also make the smartphone battery last a little longer than normal mode. Another plus is, this mode will make the user’s eyes more comfortable when using the application in a dark place.

So, How To Enable Dark Mode on Gmail? Well, the main requirement is that the smartphone you are using is running on Android 10.

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If these conditions have been met, then then you have to follow the steps that we will share with you. Come see!

  • First, make sure you update the latest version of the Gmail application through the Google Play Store.
  • When finished updating, open the application and select the Settings menu or Settings.
  • In the Settings menu, tap on the General Settings option.
  • On this menu, you will find Themes. Press the menu.
  • Then, select the Dark option, and the Gmail application interface will automatically turn black.
gmail dark mode android 9

Now, if your Android 10 smartphone is already using this dark mode, then all you have to do is select System Default to make the application follow the appearance of the smartphone system.

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That was How To Enable Dark Mode on Gmail App for Android. It’s not difficult, right? Finally, good luck!

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