How to Edit Photos on the Spiral Betty Application

How to Edit Photos on the Spiral Betty Application, More Viral on TikTok

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Recently, the Spiral Betty photo editing trend has gone viral. Find out how to edit photos in the Spiral Betty application? Here’s How to Edit Photos on the Spiral Betty Application that is easy and anti-complicated.

Spiral Betty’s photo editing application has become one of the photo editing applications with millions of fans.

How not, with this application, you can edit aesthetic photos like professional models.

Just like the name suggests, Spiral Betty allows your photos to have a cool and contemporary transparent spiral effect.

Yes, this app offers lines and dots on photos. Reportedly the application filter was inspired by the size of a single line of Saint Veronica created by Claude Mellan in the 17th century.

This trend has actually started to boom since January 2022, but as of July 2022, this photo with Spiral Betty is being used again by users.

This Spiral Betty photo editing application has two main advantages, namely that it can be downloaded for free and allows you to print it directly.

Even so, there is also a paid version that you can buy if you want to get more diverse features.

Paid features will certainly be more sophisticated than those of you who only take advantage of the free mode.

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How to Edit Photos in the Spiral Betty Application

Here’s how to edit photos in the Spiral Betty Application:

  • Download the Spiral Betty app on the Google Play Store or
  • Click Upload Image and insert the image in the gallery of your smartphone or PC.
  • Please edit the pattern in the photo whether it is a Spiral or circle pattern, Lines or stripes Dots, or a dotted pattern.
  • Then edit the photo, especially regarding the line size or Rings, photo size or Scales, brightness or Lightness, and Contrast.
  • After clicking the down arrow line icon to download the image.
  • Click download and your edited image will automatically be saved in your phone gallery.

It should be noted that the more rings there are in the image, the more complicated the shape of the image looks.

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That’s How to Edit Photos on the Spiral Betty Application that maybe you’re looking for the steps.

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