How to Easily Create Attractive Instagram Stories

How to Easily Create Attractive Instagram Stories

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How to Easily Create Attractive Instagram Stories. It needs experience, it needs observation and also an understanding of the character of our followers. In addition, you must also understand the use of several supporting tools.

You need to know that Instagram stories are one of the main features in social media. By using Instagram stories, you can share updated posts with just one click, and these posts can only last or last for 24 hours.

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For that, don’t waste it, make sure you upload an interesting Instagram story using the following tips:

How to Make Attractive Instagram Stories

Choose the right photo/video size

Before posting an Instagram story, it’s a good idea to first choose the right size of the photo/video you want to post.

instagram story ideas design

You can use the standard Instagram story size. Namely with a minimum size of 1024 x 1024 or 1600 x 1200 pixels.

Use phone camera settings

The next tip How to Easily Create Attractive Instagram Stories look more interesting is to use or take advantage of the existing phone camera settings. Especially if you already have a good camera phone, then you can change the camera settings. You can do this so that later the images uploaded on Instagram stories are not broken.

If the image you have uploaded is broken, then of course the story will be badly involved and not at all interesting to look at. Make sure you do the settings on the camera quality. Use the best resolution on the camera so that the quality of Instagram Stories will automatically be more interesting.

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You can take advantage of the photo editor application

There is nothing wrong with you beautifying the appearance of the Instagram story by using a photo editor application. You can first edit the photo you want to upload on an Instagram story in the photo editor application.

Edit the photo in an interesting way so that the photos uploaded on Instagram are not monotonous and boring when viewed.

There are several choices of applications that can be used, including:

Also set settings on Instagram

So that your uploaded photos or videos can look more attractive, then don’t forget to change your Instagram account settings. Make sure until you can actually upload Instagram stories with the best resolution without any blur.

The method itself is very easy, with the following steps:

  • The first step, you can first enter the Instagram profile section first
  • Then select the settings menu
  • Next, you can look for upload quality settings
  • You can change the upload quality setting to normal mode
  • Later the normal mode can help you produce uploaded images with the same quality as the original image

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Some of the tips for making Instagram stories above are certainly very easy to practice. Now you can upload Instagram stories more interestingly for free, quickly, and easily.

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