How to Download Youtube Videos

How to Download Youtube Videos Without Applications

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Youtube is one of the most popular video platforms today. Not only watching movies, but YouTube has now become a means to find a variety of information, from news to various tutorials.

According to Statista’s records, in 2019, every 60 seconds more than 300 hours of video were uploaded to Youtube. As a result, now there are more than 1.3 billion video collections available on Youtube.

You don’t need to pay to watch the video, laptop users can directly open the site via a browser. Meanwhile, phone users can go through the Youtube application which is generally already installed on the device.

You can also download videos from Youtube and save them to your phone or laptop memory. This method is done so that the video can be watched at any time without having to be connected to the internet.

If we watch it live, then of course your internet package will run out quickly just to watch high-resolution YouTube videos.

It’s different if it’s downloaded when Weblogue tries to download a Youtube video with HD 720p resolution for an hour, it takes approximately 1GB (60fps) of data. Pretty frugal isn’t it.

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For that, we will try to provide information on how to download Youtube videos easily, from phones and laptops.

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How to Download Youtube Videos Fast and Easy

The easiest way to download videos from Youtube is to use SS Youtube, here’s how:

1. Open a browser (phone or laptop)

It is recommended to use the Chrome browser, then enter the Youtube site. Search for the video to download.

2. Adding the SS Youtube

After getting the video, add the letter ‘ss’ in front of the url of the video you want to download.

Here’s an example of writing:

Phone: becomes
Laptop: becomes

3. Click Enter on Link

how to download youtube videos without any software

After adding ‘ss’ then click enter, and it will be redirected to the page.

4. Select Video Resolution

Select the resolution for the video that you want to download. When finished selecting one of the resolution options, the video will be downloaded automatically, select a storage place, and just wait for the download process to complete.

The process of downloading videos from Youtube is complete and is stored in the memory of your laptop or cellphone.

The thing to remember is that the larger the resolution selected, the larger the file that must be downloaded. But the video quality will be even better.

Easy and Save

Well, that’s a very easy and simple way how to download Youtube videos without having to install an application, you can use a laptop or smartphone. For the video download process, it depends on the internet speed used.

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But certainly, by downloading the video you can save more data. If you have another method, feel free to share it in the comments below.