How to Download Youtube Videos on iPhone

How to Download Youtube Videos on iPhone

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As is well known, the large number of video content that can be enjoyed with a variety of variations makes YouTube at the top with millions of clicks per day.

Unfortunately, to enjoy video content, consumers must have a stable internet connection. Then what if we don’t have an internet connection, no cellular connection without a wifi connection?

You can download the video. YouTube itself does provide a video download feature that can be viewed offline. However, to enjoy it, you have to stay connected to the internet.

Previously, Weblogue had written an article about how to download Youtube videos for laptops and Android. And now we will review how to download Youtube videos on an iPhone or iOS-based device.

The method can also be done easily, with just a few steps. But it must be remembered, during the process of downloading videos, of course, you must first be connected to the internet (data or wifi connection).

After that, the video that has been downloaded can be watched anytime and anywhere even if the phone is offline. Let’s see the steps.

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

how to download youtube videos on iphone 2020

To download Youtube videos on the iPhone, users can use third-party applications. Because there is no feature to save YouTube videos for iPhone or iPad that can be enjoyed offline.

But don’t worry, because you can use a free application on the Apps Store to download videos on YouTube. Here’s how:

  • Download the Documents 5 app on the App Store
  • Open the YouTube application on the iPhone, then find the video you want to download and click ‘share’ then ‘copy link’
  • Open the Document 5 application, then select the compass icon at the bottom right
  • After the web browser appears, type ‘savefromnet’ then select (top)
  • Enter the URL link from YouTube that was copied in the second step
  • Select the desired video resolution, then press ‘download’
  • Let the download process complete

By default, the downloaded video will be saved in the Document 5 application and will not be visible in the Photo folder. But you can move it to the iPhone gallery.

Here’s how to save videos from Youtube to the iPhone gallery via Document 5:

  • Open the Document 5 application, go to download> Edit> Move (select the desired folder)
  • Give app access to Photos, go to Settings> Documents> Photos and allow Read & Write access

By using the YouTube video download method above, it is possible for Android and iPhone users to enjoy Youtube videos without an internet connection. So you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.


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