How to Download Video Vlive

How to Download Video Vlive With Subtitle

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If you are a KPopers who like to follow Kpop developments from Vlive, then you must know How to Download Video Vlive and their subtitles.

Because as is well known, Vlive is a video service from South Korea that is devoted to Korean pop fans. V Live is the most popular video platform for South Korean idol videos.

V Live or VLIVE or it can also be called the V App is often used as a video streaming media for celebrities from South Korea so that they can interact via live chat with their fans.

Apart from KPOP stars, V Live also provides streaming video access for several well-known Korean drama actors. You can interact directly with the video with them.

V Live also provides a subtitle feature that you can use to understand what is being discussed in the video. And for videos that have been shared on Vlive, you can access them for free.

How to Download Video in Vlive with Subtitle

Some v live viewers sometimes like to watch videos of their idols over and over again because these videos are very interesting. However, this of course will make the internet quota run out quickly.

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To solve this problem, you can download videos from v live so that they can be played offline. Below are some ways to save Vlive videos that you can try.

Download VLive Videos on Lilsubs

download video vlive with subtitle

Lilsubs is a website capable of downloading videos on Vlive online. Because this service is website-based, you don’t need an additional application to be able to save the video from v live that you want.

Here’s How to Download Video Vlive and subtitles:

  • Open the official website from
  • After that, open the vlive video that you want to download.
  • Tap the Share icon at the bottom of the video.
  • Then copy the link from the vlive video.
  • Next, visit the Lilsub website.
  • Paste the vlive video link then press the Download button.
  • Select the video quality you want.
  • Then also download the Indo sub at the bottom.
  • Done.

Now you have successfully downloaded the video from vlive and the subtitles. You can save any number of videos on vlive using this service.

Lilsubs provides several options for the quality of the video to be saved. The greater the quality, the clearer the video, and the larger the video size.

Download VLive Videos via Savieo

how to download paid vlive videos

The second way to download videos on V Live is to use the service from savieo. To use it, you only need a web browser application and an internet connection.

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How to download vlive videos:

  • Copy the video link vlive that will be downloaded.
  • Then go to the savieo website.
  • Paste the vlive link into the fields provided.
  • Then click the Download button below.
  • You will then be directed to the download page.
  • Click Download at the desired video quality.
  • After that, click Download on the Indonesian subtitles.
  • Done.

So, those are the steps to download videos from vlive, it’s very easy, right? This service can be used for free and there are no usage restrictions.

Download VLive Videos on Soshistagram

vlive saved videos

Soshistagram is a vlive downloader service that is able to save videos from vlive quickly and easily. This site is quite popular and has been proven to be able to download videos from vlive.

Follow the steps using the following vlive downloader:

  • Open the vlive video you want.
  • After that, copy the video link.
  • Then go to the Naver v live downloader site.
  • Paste the copied link and hit enter.
  • Then click the button on the desired video quality.
  • And don’t forget to click download on the subtitles below.
  • Done.

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By downloading this vlive video, now you have successfully saved the desired vlive video.

Questions regarding Download Vlive

How do I put subtitles in vlive videos?

To automatically install subtitles on the downloaded vlive videos, you must place the subtitles and videos in a folder with the same name. But if you use a PC, you only need to shift the subtitles into the video being played.

How to download videos from CH + and VLIVE +?

CH + and VLIVE + are paid video content from v live. To be able to watch the video, you must have a v live account that has subscribed to a premium service.

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