How to Download Spotify Music Without Premium

How to Download Spotify Music Without Premium

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How to Download Spotify Music Without Premium?, Spotify is a music streaming service that is popular in various countries. You can listen to songs online or offline by downloading songs from Spotify first on your device.

The Spotify application itself supports various types of platforms such as Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows Mobile, Chromebooks, and others.

The music offered by Spotify is very complete, you can find the song you want easily there. Spotify provides 2 options for playing songs, namely online and offline.

Listening to songs offline on Spotify can be the best solution for those of you who want to save on internet quota. With just one download, you can play the song many times on the Spotify application.

How to download music from Spotify on mobile, PC, and, Without Premium

To be able to play songs on Spotify offline, you must use a Spotify premium account. Spotify premium applies the subscription method on a monthly basis.

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The price given to get a Spotify premium account is IDR 49990 / month with credit and debit card payment methods and IDR 54990 / month if you want to use credit payments.

With Mobile Phone

how to download Spotify songs without premium

The Spotify mobile application on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone is not much different. So whatever mobile device you are using, you can follow the following guidelines.

How to download music on Spotify via mobile phone:

  • Download and install the Spotify application first.
  • Log in using your premium account.
  • Search for the music you want to download via search.
  • Press the three dots next to it then select Like.
  • Go to your Collections menu.
  • Then open the Liked Songs playlist.
  • Turn on the Download Song option.
  • Wait for the download process to complete.

If you use cellular data to download Spotify songs, make sure you have activated the feature first. To activate it, go to the settings menu and then activate the Download using the cellular feature.

This feature is not active by default so you can avoid internet data from decreasing without realizing it. After successfully downloading songs on Spotify, also activate the offline mode feature in the settings section.

With PC/Laptop

how to download music from Spotify to computer

You can play music offline on the PC or laptop version of the Spotify application easily. Provided you have to log in using a Spotify premium account.

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How to download music on Spotify via PC:

  • Install the Spotify application on your PC or laptop.
  • Open the application and log in using your Spotify account.
  • Play the music you want to download.
  • Then click the love icon at the bottom.
  • Click the Liked Song menu.
  • Finally, activate the Download option.
  • Done.

Now, you can play Spotify music even in offline mode. You can also download a large number of songs at once through playlists that you create yourself or those of others.

How to Download Spotify Music Without Premium

Spotify downloader

Do you want to take mp3 files from Spotify for free without a premium account? Of course, I can. You can even use an Android cellphone and an iPhone or a PC to extract the mp3 of the song on Spotify that you want.

Here’s how to download Spotify music to mp3 for free:

  • Install the Telegram application on your PC or Android / iPhone cellphone.
  • Create an account or log in if you already have one.
  • Type @SpotifyMusicDownloaderBot in the search field.
  • Open the user then tap the Start button.
  • Next, type the title of the music you want.
  • Wait a few moments for the bot to reply to the chat.
  • The chat will then be replied to with an MP3 file of the song.
  • Press to start Download songs.

Very easy, right? Apart from typing in the music title and artist name, you can also send a link from Spotify music that you want to be more specific.

Even though in this third method you can do it without the need for a Spotify premium account for free, unfortunately, you can only download songs one by one by sending a message to the bot.

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By using the three methods above, now you don’t need to worry about wasteful data when you want to play music on Spotify. Just use the download feature and offline mode from the Spotify application.