How To Disable Notifications On Google Chrome

How To Disable Notifications On Google Chrome in PC and Mobile

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What applications do you use to surf the Internet? Are you a Chrome browser user? This search engine is already famous worldwide. Having the full name Google Chrome, the browser software used to browse cyberspace was introduced to the public at the end of 2008.

Many people fall in love with Google Chrome because it is equipped with many advantages. The advantages of this search engine start from being able to be enjoyed for free, easy to access, and having a minimalist but contemporary look. However, Google Chrome also has weaknesses, one of which is the notification feature that often appears suddenly.

The presence of notifications or notifications for most people may feel annoying when they are busy playing the internet on Chrome. However, on the one hand, the appearance of notifications actually helps Chrome application users to need reminders from extensions, websites, or software.

Not only that, notifications usually appear because there are several portals that ask to provide access so that users can view the latest articles from the portal. In fact, it’s not uncommon for users to decide to turn off Google Chrome notifications on a computer or laptop device.

Unfortunately, not many people know How To Disable Notifications On Google Chrome. Well, that’s why Weblogue will help you to solve this problem. The method is easy to follow and doesn’t take a long time. Come on, let’s just look at the discussion on How to turn off web notifications for Google Chrome notifications below.

How to stop notifications from Google Chrome in 2 ways

How to Remove Notifications From Google Chrome on PC

  • The first step you have to do to start the process of deactivating the notification feature on Google Chrome on a computer or laptop device is to first open the Google Chrome software.

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  • Look for the Google Chrome icon which is usually located on the desktop page or if it isn’t there go to the search bar and type “Google Chrome”.
  • After finding the icon for the Google Chrome application, click on it. Until a display appears like an image below.
turn off chrome notifications windows 10
  • Once open, look for click the three dots icon located at the top right. When you click on the icon, Google Chrome will bring up a category settings menu.
turn off chrome notifications mac
  • Then, find and click the Settings menu or Settings. On the Settings menu, you will see many settings to choose from. However, because your goal is to turn off notifications, you must select the Site Settings menu in the Privacy and Security category or Privacy and Security.
how to remove site notifications in chrome
  • After clicking Site Settings, please select the Notification menu.
turn off website notifications windows 10 chrome
  • On this menu, you will be shown several notifications from sites that you have allowed or allowed. Like the following picture.
turn off notifications windows 10
  • Next, to turn off all notifications from websites, you only need to turn the notification off switch. By sliding the blue button (from right to left).
google chrome notifications spam
  • However, if you only intend to disable notifications on one of the sites or portals, then please fill in the URL of the site that often displays notifications on the Block menu and click the Add button.
  • After that, your Google Chrome will be avoided from a site or portal notifications that you are not expecting to see. It should be noted! For those of you who want to reactivate the notification feature on Google Chrome, just slide the blue button to switch on.

How to Turn Off Chrome Notifications on Mobile Phone

  • Annoying Google Chrome notifications are also often experienced by smartphone users. Then, the way to disable Google Chrome notifications on smartphones is apparently not difficult or easy.
  • The first step that must be done is to first confirm whether your smartphone is using the Google Chrome search engine or not.
  • Next, go to the Settings or Settings menu which is described as a serrated shape. Then, click the Settings or Settings menu.

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  • Followed by finding and clicking the Applications and Notifications menu. If you don’t find the Applications and Notifications menu, you can look for it in the search field which is usually at the top.
turn off chrome notifications android
  • Once you find and click the Applications and Notifications menu, you will be presented with a line of software installed on your smartphone.
  • Then, you have to search for the Google Chrome software and click on it. If you can’t find it, you can use the search feature by clicking a button in the shape of a loop or magnifying glass to find the Google Chrome software.
turn off google notifications android
  • Next, you will see several menus after clicking the Google Chrome icon beforehand. Among them are notification menus, permissions, storage, data usage, time spent in apps, battery, open by default, browser apps, picture-in-picture, installing apps you don’t recognize, and app details. Also at the top of the display, there are Disable and Force Stop columns.
  • Since your goal is to turn off notifications, you have to select and click the Notifications menu. Don’t get confused with Deactivate, yeah!
  • After clicking the Notifications menu, you will be led to Show Notifications. On this page, you will see several menus again such as the General menu, Site, Allow Notification Dots, and Additional Settings in Applications.
  • Next, you have to do Switch Off. If you want to switch off everything both Public and Site, then just shift the Show Notifications button to the left.
  • Meanwhile, if you want to deactivate notifications in several menus or submenus, the steps are the same, simply by sliding the green button to the left or removing the checkmark.
  • You don’t need to look for a Save or Save button because your changes will be saved and will work automatically. As proof that the notification disabling process on Google Chrome is operating, it would be better if you delete your search history and restart your smartphone.
  • Voila! You won’t find annoying notifications anymore when opening and running Google Chrome on your smartphone. However, if there is a rogue site and a notification appears again, the steps are the same as described above. Also, if you want to reactivate the Notifications feature on Google Chrome you just have to go to the Regulations menu and look for the Google Chrome application, then Switch On or slide the green button to the right.

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That’s How To Disable Notification On Google Chrome, Hopefully, this is useful!

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