How to Delete Instagram Search Suggestions

How to Delete Instagram Search Suggestions

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Instagram stores whatever activity is on your IG account including your search history. If you feel that the IG search history is quite annoying, you can do how to delete Instagram search history.

Deleting searches on IG can keep your privacy safe. The reason is, that way you don’t have to worry anymore when other people see the search history on your Instagram account.

Although sometimes the search history on Instagram is useful for finding something that you have searched for before. But history from Instagram searches always appears in the search bar and can potentially compromise your privacy.

For example, when you open Instagram and there is a friend beside you, he will also see the Instagram search history too. If you want to avoid this problem, the only solution is to delete Instagram search history.

Although it can be said that it is quite trivial, knowing that you can delete Instagram search history at any time on a regular basis.

How To Clear Your Instagram Search History

Instagram search history comes back

Deleting Instagram search history is a relatively easy job. In less than 5 minutes, you can delete search history on Instagram using any device be it from an Android cellphone, iPhone, or on Windows.

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How to clear search on IG:

  • First, run the Instagram application.
  • Then go to your IG profile page.
  • Then tap the three horizontal lines icon in the top right corner.
  • Then select the Settings menu.
  • In Settings, select the Privacy and Security menu.
  • Scroll down, tap the Delete Search History option.
  • Tap Delete Search History in blue.
  • Select Yes, I am sure to agree.

If you are using an iPhone, you also delete Instagram search history directly from the Instagram search field. You can try this method if you find it easier to do than going to the settings.

In the search field, you will see a list of your search history with the delete option in the right corner. You can immediately tap Delete to delete the search history on your IG account.

Very easy, right? Now that you know how to delete search history on Instagram, you can freely delete Instagram search history at any time to protect your privacy.

How to Delete Search History on Instagram

If you are looking for something in the Instagram search field, surely you saw the results of your previous search, right? You can also hide these search results from your IG account.

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Here’s How to Delete Instagram Search Suggestions by hiding it:

  • Run your Instagram application.
  • Enter the Instagram account.
  • Tap the IG search bar at the top of the screen.
  • You will see results from previous searches.
  • Tap the x icon in the search result that you want to hide.
  • Then a warning will appear to select the option OK.
  • Done.

After that, you will not see the search results anymore because you have hidden the search results permanently.

Instagram Search History Cannot Be Deleted

If you are still viewing your search history even after you have performed the steps above, you don’t need to worry. Because there are still solutions to fix this problem.

You can restart your device, and then make sure you have successfully deleted the search history on Instagram. If it’s still not erased, do the following methods below:

  • Restart your device.
  • Take out your Instagram account.
  • Clean the Instagram application data and cache.
  • Reinstall the Instagram application.
  • Update the Instagram app to the latest version.
  • Done.

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If you are still looking at your Instagram search history, make sure you are already using the official Instagram application from Playstore / Appstore. Because there are so many fake Instagram apps that have lots of bugs out there.

So it’s better to use the official application from Instagram so that you don’t have a problem.

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So many articles on How to Delete Instagram Search Suggestions. You can try this guide using Android, iOS or your PC.


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