How to Delete Google Chrome History

How to Delete Google Chrome History on PC and Mobile Phone

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Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers today. Google Chrome, also known as Chrome, is one of Google’s services that has been active since 2008.

As a user of Google services, of course, you also often use this one browser on various devices such as laptops or mobile. Apart from being easy to use, Google Chrome also has many useful features.

One of them is the browsing history feature. Not infrequently, your Google history is full and needs to be deleted periodically so that you can browse smoothly.

Well, in this discussion, Weblogue will discuss How to Delete Google Chrome History, for those of you who are still confused about how to delete it.

What is Google Chrome History?

History is a page that contains our browsing history while browsing using the Google Chrome browser. Whatever our searching activity with the Google Chrome browser will be recorded automatically on this history page.

For example, yesterday, you visited several news sites, opened and watched a video on the YouTube site, and opened Gmail. Well, all the activities you did yesterday will be recorded on this Google Chrome history page. And of course, not only yesterday but the history of the activities you did today will also be stored on that page.

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Your activity will be stored in the history page for about 90 days. So, if you log in using a Google account, and activate account synchronization with the device you use, generally your activities will be stored for a longer time.

Delete your Chrome browsing history on PC

Now, after discussing what Google history is about, it is time for us to review How to Delete Google Chrome History on PC. Here’s the full review.

Open Google History Page

google history delete all my activity

To delete Google history on a PC, it’s easy. Please open your Google Chrome browser as usual. On the main page, please click the row of dots totaling three in the upper right corner of the screen.

If so, please hover your mouse pointer or arrow over the words ‘History’ to open many other options.

After that, click on the word ‘History’ on the left as shown in the picture above, to open your Google Chrome history page.

Delete Activity in Google History

how to delete google history on phone

After the history page opens, please select the activity you want to delete from the Google Chrome history page. It’s easy, please click the row of three dots to the right of the activity you want to delete.

Then, click on the ‘Remove From History’ option to delete the activity. Later, the activity that you deleted earlier will no longer be on the Google history page.

Deletes More Activity in Google Chrome History

how to delete history on phone

Now, if you want to delete more activity in Google Chrome history, please tick some of the activities to be deleted. Then, click the ‘Delete’ button in the upper right corner of the screen to delete all the activities that have been checked earlier.

After that, a dialogue box will appear. Please select the ‘Remove’ option. If so, these activities will be completely deleted from your Google Chrome history.

Deleting Older Activities

clear history chrome android

Please note, you can also delete Google Chrome history that has been stored for a long time. To be able to delete old history, please enter Google Chrome history as explained above. After entering Google Chrome history, please click the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ option which is located at the top left of the screen.

Oh yes, if you want to delete history based on a certain time, please click on the ‘Time Range’ option. Later, several time options will appear, such as the last hour, the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, the last month, and all the time.

After that, a dialogue box will appear like the one in the image above. To delete only Google history, please check the box with the words ‘Browsing History’ next to it. After that, click on the blue button that says “Clear Data” to delete its activity history. In this tab, you can also clear the cache and cookies stored in your browser.

Deleting History, Cache, Password, and Download Results

how to delete google search bar history

Oh yeah, if you don’t just want to delete history or cache, but with saved passwords and downloads, please select the ‘Advanced’ history setting option as shown above.

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If you have determined what you want to delete from Google Chrome, please click the ‘Clear Data’ button. For your information, all data or activities that have been deleted cannot be restored or restored to their original place. So, try to be really thorough and careful before deleting activities or data.

How to Delete Google Chrome Browsing History on Android Phone

After reviewing How To Clear Browsing History on Google Chrome in PC, we will share information about How to Clear Search History in Chrome on an Android phone. Here are the steps.

Open Google Chrome History

delete all searches

The first step, please open the Google Chrome browser on your Android phone, then enter the Google history page by clicking the three rows of dots at the top right of the screen.

After that, please select the “History” option as shown in the image above. Wait for the history page to open.

Delete Your Browsing Activity

how to clear history on iphone

After the history page opens, please click the cross next to the activity history to delete the activity you want.

Or, if you want to delete more activity, please click on the words ‘Clear Browsing Data’ in the upper left corner of the phone screen.

Next, check the box with the words ‘Browsing History’ next to it, to delete your browsing activity on Google Chrome.

Similar to the PC version of the browser, you can also clear cache and cookies if necessary. Please tick the cache and cookies option to delete it. You can of course choose between activity history, cache, or cookies only. It all depends on your own needs.

Don’t forget to also specify the time or time range of the activity history that you want to delete. Please click on the ‘Time Range’ option in the upper left corner of the phone screen.

Then select the duration of the activity history to be deleted. Still the same as cellphones, you can delete activity from an hour ago, to the entire Google Chrome history activity.

If so, as usual, please click the ‘Clear Data’ button at the bottom right of the screen to delete your Google history activities.

Removing Passwords and Download Results

delete all searches on google

Similar to devices such as PCs, in the Android version of Google Chrome, you can also delete passwords and downloads. Please go to the ‘Advanced’ tab.

Then tick the activities you want to delete. If so, click the ‘Clear Data’ button to complete the data deletion process.

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At this point, the Weblogue discussion is about How to clear your browsing history on Google Chrome. If you want to do browsing activities without any traces stored on the history page, please use the Incognito browsing feature in Google Chrome.