How to Delete Archived Chats on WhatsApp

How to Delete Archived Chats on WhatsApp

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How to Delete Archived Chats on WhatsApp? My post this time is still about the WhatsApp chat application, which is commonly called WA. With the development of technology in this modern era, WA tries to always make its users feel comfortable with light and uncomplicated features. There are some that you may have never tried such as Pin Chat, Archive Chat, Mute Notifications, Mark as read, etc.

The function of Archive Chat itself is to store messages that you think are confidential (privacy) because you don’t want other people to read them. With this WA message archive feature, your friends and relatives can’t read it, because the messages that have been archived are at the bottom of the chats. But remember that this is only temporary guys, why is it like that? because if that person sends a message, the message will automatically appear on the homepage like normal chats.

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In addition, if the chat is important to you and you want to read it at a later time, this archive feature is very useful.

How to Delete Archived Chats in WhatsApp

how to delete multiple archived chats on whatsapp iphone

When you have archived a message, it doesn’t mean that the message can’t be deleted, guys, it really can. The method is more or less the same as deleting regular messages. For steps on how to delete message archives, see the following explanation:

  • Open your WhatsApp application.
  • Then scroll down your chat homepage to the very end. Our habit is that a lot of chats from a year/two years ago until now have not been deleted, am I right? haha. At the bottom, there is a small text Chat Archived (2). If there are 2 brackets, it means that there are 2 hidden messages. If there are 3 or more it will be visible there.
  • Tap the text, then a message archive will appear. What distinguishes ordinary messages from archived messages is that there is an archived text on the right side of the chat. Choose which messages you want to delete.
  • After that tap and hold the chat until the bar above appears. Select and touch a feature that looks like a trash can.
  • Tick the text (delete media from my phone) delete media from the phone, if you want to delete any pictures, videos, media in the conversation that are stored in your cellphone memory, it will automatically be deleted, otherwise, it won’t need to be checked. Then select delete if you are sure you want to delete it permanently.
whatsapp archived chats iphone

That’s how to delete a message archive, which is generally almost the same as deleting a regular message.

For those of you who just save messages to re-read the conversations in them and have no intention of deleting them, I recommend backing up chats now, in the chat settings section in the upper right corner there are tools (dots) three). Then Select Settings->Chats->Chat Backup.

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How to Restore Archived Chats on WhatsApp

delete all archived chats whatsapp ios

If you look at this image (Archived Chats), look in the menu bar above the chat there is a feature that is illustrated as a folder with an up arrow, which means that the function of this feature is to return Archived Chats to normal chats and will disappear from the Archived Chat.

The trick is to select and tap the feature, the chat will be lost, but not deleted or backed up to your memory card, it’s just that the chat is back on your WhatsApp chat homepage according to the time of the conversation.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat applications, good, useful, light, and fast as a communication tool in today’s internet era. There are so many interesting features that WA provides to make it easier for users.

One of the features is Archive, Pin, Mute Notifications chat, other features such as being able to create group conversations, broadcasts, WhatsApp Web, Starred messages, and many others. Use wisely and as well as possible this useful application.

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Hopefully, this article on How to Delete Archived Chats on WhatsApp can help you and add to your insight about the WhatsApp application.

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