How to Decline a Facebook Friend Request

How to Decline a Facebook Friend Request

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If you’ve been on Facebook for a long time, you’ve definitely been asked to be a friend by someone you don’t know at all. Many users don’t mind this, but there are also some who feel uncomfortable if too many unknown accounts are visible on their homepage.

Well, this time we will explain “why you shouldn’t just accept friendship on Facebook” and How to Decline a Facebook Friend Request.

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Oh yes, for those who have already accepted friends, you can delete them easily.

Why shouldn’t you just accept friends on Facebook?

Friendship in the virtual world according to Mimin is the same as friendship in the real world. So friendship should occur to have a positive effect in order to create a comfortable atmosphere in social media.

With the spread of social media users, it is not uncommon to find Facebook accounts created just to spread hate, hoaxes, and other negative things that can create a toxic environment in social media.

Sometimes when we read the news that is not good and with language that is quite inciting, this can make us “influenced” by the information, while the information is not clear.

Therefore, Mimin personally often rejects Facebook accounts that are not “worthy” to be friends, even if only in cyberspace.

Here are some things to consider before accepting someone as a friend.

  1. Check if you know the person, or if you need to know them.

Making a Facebook account as a friend must be considered “importance”. Does the account have the same school as you, the same workplace, friends who have the same hobbies, or other things that can be a strong reason to accept friends on Facebook?

  1. Check the posts on the account profile. Is the post-normal or not.

If you look around today, there are lots of fake accounts scattered on the internet. The purpose of the account is many, the purpose can be deceptive, it could also be that the purpose may be just seeking sensation, or spreading unclear information. Here it is important to ensure that what we receive is truly a “normal human” whose goal is the same as ours, which is to make friends with each other.

In addition, there are also accounts created for promotion and sales purposes, of course, do not need to be accepted for friend requests.

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How to Reject a Facebook Friend Request

  1. Open your Facebook application as usual, then press the “three dots icon” to bring up the menu.
how to decline friend request politely
  1. After that select the “Friends” menu as shown in the picture.
if you decline a friend request on facebook do they follow you
  1. Next you will be taken to the friend request page as below. Here you can see who has asked to be your friend. To reject a friend request from them, all you have to do is press the “Delete” button.
if you decline a friend request on facebook can they add you again
  1. You just delete all requests from the accounts that you want to reject, and if there are accounts that deserve to be friends, you can also directly “confirm” their friend requests.
  2. Done.

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The process is simple, and if your friend requests are few, you can complete them in no time.

Thus this article, hopefully after reading, you can be more “sure” to refuse and not just “confirm” your friend requests, especially from accounts that you don’t know directly.

Thank you for reading the article to the end. Good luck.

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